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Compulsive Artist Who Leaves Her Work On The London Underground For Free

Collecting the abandoned artwork of charcoal tube artist!

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Have you seen an abandoned Metro, covered in charcoal on the Underground yet?

Instagram: @liz_atkin / Via

Torn and tattered near your feet?

Liz Atkin / Via

Vivid, dark, haunting line drawings over the top of everyday adverts?

Liz Atkin

Or just been drawn into their dark, foreboding eyes?

Liz Atkin / Via

Did someone try to palm them off as payment for their ride?

Instagram: @liz_atkin / Via

If so... then you've already seen the genius of London artist Liz Atkin

.@LizAtkin is leaving works from her #CompulsiveCharcoal series for #commuters to find! #free #art

If not... then welcome to her compulsive world.

Liz Atkin / Via

She does this repeatedly... every day....

Given to a traveller beside me 1.32pm Jubilee line @TfL @MetroUK

She also does amazing things with her face...

And some wild stuff with her body...

Dingo Bill / Via

But this work you can find for free... on a platform near you...

RT @LizAtkin: Compulsive Charcoal series : left at Waterloo 7.05 & Guildford 7.35 @metroUk @TfL

I've got mine.. have you got yours?

Found art on the tube... @liz_atkin - more, more, more!!!

Via Twitter: @oliverwarren

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