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    • OliverMox

      My car must be made for lefties.IdriveaToyota Yaris and the drivers cup holder is actually on the left side (to the left of the steering wheel) there are no cup holders in the center.  At my college in many of the older lecture halls the seat on the end of the row on the left side wasalefty desk. YeahIknow kind of limited werealefty could comfortably sit and take notes. The newer lecture halls had the newer style chair/desk withabigger pull up desk so it could be used easier by all (because lets face it some of those little tiny tablet desks were hardly big enough to fitapiece of paper). To those who said that the glove in the photo is actuallyarighty glove you are not correct. That glove would fit onaright hand. Lefties wear gloves on their right hand and righties wear them on their left hand.

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