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    The 18 Greatest Hilary Duff Songs

    You might pretend that her songs are so yesterday, but it's time to come clean: the girl can rock. Hey now, our lips are sealed.

    18. "Now You Know"

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    Duff's "Now You Know" is one of the many tracks she sang for A Cinderella Story's soundtrack. Although Kara DioGuardi covers the song in the actual film (you know, the montage of Sam being super sad after her Cinderella disguise is revealed), Duff's vocals add a bit more emotion to the lyrics.

    17. "The Math"

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    You don't have to be a genius to realize that this song is super awesome. I mean, she sings the words "shut up and kiss". (GASP!)

    16. "Santa Claus Lane"

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    Before Hilary's music career exploded, she recorded a holiday album titled Santa Claus Lane. Duff sang the title-track on Disney Channel, and since then our love for her grew even stronger.

    15. "What Christmas Should Be"

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    In addition to "Santa Claus Lane", Hilary also sang "What Christmas Should Be", which was featured on Cheaper By the Dozen's closing credits. We agree with you girl: peace on Earth, that's what Christmas should be. *starts to shed tears*

    14. "I Can't Wait"

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    "I Can't Wait", Duff's first single, debuted towards the end of Lizzie McGuire's run, and we couldn't wait for her to keep singing. The song also made the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack and played during the series finale titled "Bye Bye Hillridge Junior High" (when Lizzie kissed Gordo on the cheek in the last scene and our hearts melted).

    13. "Beat of My Heart"

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    "Beat of My Heart" marked itself as the second single off Hilary's Most Wanted compilation album. The song's rhythm is so catchy that we can't help but repeat the lyrics "beat of my heart" and especially yell "AWAYYYYY AWAYYYY, AWAYYYY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"!

    12. "Someone's Watching Over Me"

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    Duff's performance of "Someone Watching Over Me" during Raise Your Voice is so poignant that it makes everyone in the audience (and us) near tears. Her character, Terri Fletcher, collaborates with Jay (Oliver James) in the scholarship competition to honor her late brother Paul (Jason Ritter). And her dad (David Keith) FINALLY approved of her singing aspirations .WHERE ARE THE TISSUES?!

    11. "Our Lips Are Sealed"

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    Both Hilary and her older sister Haylie sang the duet "Our Lips are Sealed", a remake to The Go-Go's 1981 single, for the A Cinderella Story soundtrack. Don't even pretend like you and your friends didn't jam to this song.

    10. "With Love"

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    When Hilary released "With Love" from her fourth album, Dignity, fans weren't sure of the new sound. But with the catchy electro-pop dance beat, not to mention her new brunette hair, we started to dig this mysterious new Duff. Plus, this song title also made an appearance on her best-selling fragrance, "With Love...Hilary Duff". HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Very.

    9. "Wake Up"

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    Hilary co-wrote "Wake Up" with The Dead Executives for her compilation album, Most Wanted. The lead single marked a new chapter in her music, establishing a more dance/pop-oriented sound. "Wake Up" served as an anthem for "out in the town" adventures with friends. London, Paris, maybe Tokyo? There's something going on, everywhere we go tonight.

    8. "Sweet Sixteen"

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    Since its debut on Duff's Metamorphosis album, "Sweet Sixteen" remains one of the signature songs girls sing on their 16th birthday. The "coming of age" song, originally written by Haylie Duff, became so popular that it became the theme song to MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen.

    7. "Stranger"

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    "Stranger" served as the second single off of Hilary's Dignity album. Critics favored the track due to its more "mature pop sound" and later received frequent airplay in U.S.nightclubs. After it'd been originally rumored to be about Duff's relationship with ex-boyfriend Joel Madden, Duff stated that the song was inspired by her father's extramarital affair (which led to her parents' separation).

    6. "Anywhere But Here"

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    "Anywhere But Here" remains one of the most underrated songs of Duff's discography. The song, with lyrics about whirlwind romance, is signature Duff, and gets us to hit the replay button over and over again. It even played during the end of A Cinderella Story as she and Chad Michael Murray's character head off driving to Princeton. AHHH YOU'RE BURNING UP OUR DREAMS HILARY.

    5. "Fly"

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    "In a moment, everything can change." Hilary's first single off her self-titled third studio album carried a similar resemblance to Evanescence and promised an even better sound following her debut album. Duff's singing of "reach[ing] for something, when there's nothing left" only sparks us to belt out "FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" during the rocking chorus.

    4. "Come Clean"

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    If you don't sing or at least think of "Come Clean" every time it rains outside, you're crazy. The second single off Metamorphosis became Hilary's first Top 40 single in the US and also her best charting single at the time, peaking at number 35. "Come Clean", which is about a girl "coming clean" with a rocky relationship, earned her a nomination for Best Pop VIdeo at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards.

    3. "So Yesterday"

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    "So yesterday, so yesterday, I'm just a bird that's already flown away". Hilary's first single off her debut album charmed both Lizzie McGuire fans and gained new ones. It was also her first single to chart in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 at number 42.

    2. "Why Not"

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    Duff recorded "Why Not" in 2003 for The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and since then it's been in our hearts. And although some fans didn't appreciate the change in lyrics for her Metamorphosis album, it's safe to say they took a crazy chance. Remember, if you lose a little, you might lose a lot, so why not? Why not?

    1. "What Dreams Are Made Of"

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    Not only is this the best scene in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, but it also features the BEST song. I mean, it's not every day that you embarrass a famous Italian pop star at an awards show and sing with your Italian clone in front of all of Rome. Hilary's performance of "What Dreams Are Made Of" put the cherry on top of an awesome Lizzie McGuire run. HEY NOW, HEY NOW, THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF.

    So thanks, Hilary Duff, for being an inspiration and providing us with timeless jams.

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