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6 More Quirky Ways To Empower Women

Learn to love your body no matter how oversized you are. Let your armpit hair grow - because men do it and it's fine - then colour it in pink to attract even more attention. Let it bleed and then take a picture of it - because menstruation is not gross, it's normal. I wonder if there are even more body issues out there that could empower women even more.

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1. Cellulite


More women than men (90% to 10% ratio) get cellulite because their lower body skin collagen fibres run vertically up and down, while male fibres crisscross. With time, these little vertical "pockets" store the fat cells which results in what we know as cellulite. You can't fight nature darling - then why hide it or do anything to tackle it? Let is show, girl!

5. Zits


Some of us have one zit now and then, some of us have real serious acne - and it's not just for teenagers, adults get it too. There isn't a perfect cure out there for acne just yet - only treatments and cosmetics meant to prevent or neutralise it for short periods of time. How gross it is or how uncomfortable it is - it's a natural thing. Learn to embrace your body as it is.

7. But all jokes aside - You're Beautiful! Always.

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