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11 Newsletters Your Co-Worker Will LOVE Being Signed Up For

My co-worker seemed like he needed a little bit of spice in his life, so I helped him the only way I know how: by signing him up for informative and intriguing email newsletters.

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Inspiration struck in the unlikeliest of places.


Immediately, my phone rang. It was my co-worker.

"Did you sign me up for a newsletter?"


"'Thank you for signing up for Mewsletter.' This is definitely something you would do."

I played it cool. I was in it for the long con.

I needed a red herring.


As word spread 'round the humble office, I had to throw my co-worker off my trail.

I then remembered that he's a dog person. Of course! He loves dogs. I should have known; we've bonded many times over our mutual love of dogs. I decided to make amends by signing him up for the West Suburban Dog newsletter.

I had to branch out. I couldn't keep doing animals. My instinct was to find an Insane Clown Posse newsletter but no such newsletter exists, for some mysterious reason. I also, tragically, couldn't find a newsletter for freegans. I was scrambling.

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