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Which Classic Holiday Movie Character Are You?

Who are you more like during the holidays: Kevin from "Home Alone" or John McClane from "Die Hard?" Answer a few questions to find your match, and click here to vote for the best decorated house for the holidays.

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  1. 1. How much money do you spend on decorations over the holidays?

    I drain my entire savings account because DGAF
    Decorations are for happy people
    I haven't taken my Halloween decorations down yet. Those are still good, right?
    What is money? LOLOLOLOL!
    It depends. What are the interest rates of loans these days?
    I usually spend whatever my brother Buzz has squirrelled away under his mattress
  2. 2. Is it better to give or receive?

    Neither. Both are forms of consumerism, which I avoid
    Obviously it's better to give. (Oh, the angel's gone? I can be honest now? Then receive. Duh.)
    I like giving because it's fun to give people things they don't actually want
    I always put my family's happiness above my own, so giving is better
    They're both equally annoying
  3. 3. What's your favorite thing to do on Christmas Eve?

    Protect my house from thievery
    Listen to my dad apologize for having an issue with how awesome I am
    Rescue Santa, even though I was the one who kidnapped him
    Convince my family that Christmas is awesome and we're lucky to be together
    Think about how bad the world would be if I'd never been born
  4. 4. What is the worst thing that's happened to you on Christmas?

    My dog betrayed me by decorating his house in hopes of winning some money
    My mother came home
    It has to do with sewage. You really don't want to hear about it.
    An Angel didn't leave me alone for 2 hours
    One year I got the idea to abolish all other holidays EXCEPT for Christmas
  5. 5. Have you been naughty or nice this year?

    I gave up my dreams to help others and even though I regret it sometimes, I'm pretty sure that makes me the nicest guy alive
    It's SPOOKY how I was actually a perfect combination of both
    I haven't stopped pushing all the buttons in elevators, if that's what you're asking
    My parents went to Paris without me and I didn't put up too much of a fight, so I'd say I came out on top this year
    You try keeping THIRTEEN OTHER PEOPLE entertained! See how "good" YOU are!
    I did my best, you know? Some days are harder than others
  6. 6. What's your favorite Christmas movie?

    "The Miracle Of Life." I just can't get enough of it!
    That guy Chevy Chase is pretty good. I like anything he's in!
    I'll watch anything as long as Zooey Deschanel is in it. She's so cute!
    I prefer plays, which unfortunately, are more expensive
    For me, the holidays are all about Jamie Lee Curtis, so I usually throw on "Halloween"
    Anything with a gangster has my name written all over it
  7. 7. What are your thoughts on mistletoe?

    It's great but it's usually not in pumpkin patches, which is where I spend most of my time
    If by "mistletoe" you mean Zooey Deshchanel, then IT'S MY FAVORITE THING
    I'm not of an age where kissing is considered appropriate
    I'd rather not give my parents more opportunities to make out in front of me, but thanks!
    Can I put it on pizza?
    It's great, I love it, this world is filled with so many beautiful things!
  8. 8. What did you ask Santa for this year?

    Attention from my unnecessarily large family
    More friends! Someone once told me you can never have too many of those
    One of those inflatable pool tables so you can be in the pool and PLAY pool at the same time!
    A REAL dog, not a silly GHOST one that only I can see
    For everyone to find their inner Christmas spirit
    Good will towards men
  9. 9. What is your new year's resolution?

    I plan to be nicer to Peter Dinklage
    Maybe I'll decorate my mailbox so people are more inclined to send me greeting cards in the mail
    I won't make people celebrate Christmas if they don't want to
    I will stop trying to be such a people-pleaser and relax every once in a while
    I will be less of a drama queen
    I will give my brother's tarantula less of a hard time
  10. 10. Is Santa Claus real?

    I don't know. I don't know anything anymore
    Yes! His spirit lives in each and every one of us!
    Do I look like I'm 5?
    Yes, obviously! He's stuck in a traffic jam in Central Park right now!
    Yes I'm him
    Yes, he's in my basement
  11. 11. What kind of Christmas tree do you prefer the most?

    I don't need a Christmas tree! The smiling faces of my family give me all the joy I need!
    Every tree is a good tree!
    A big one so my neighbors can't peek in the window and see that I'm eating Twix bars for dinner
    One that everyone in my neighborhood is amazed that I cut down myself
    I prefer pumpkins like a normal person
    An artificial one so there are no pine needles for me to clean up
  12. 12. Who is your worst enemy?

    Christmas haterz
    The small-minded people in the weird town I live in
    It's probably me
    Anyone who comes between me and my family on Christmas
    I have none my life is too precious everyone has their own opinion and I'm so grateful I get to share this earth with everyone
  13. 13. And lastly, who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?

    I hear John Krasinski can cry on demand...
    Someone with an awesome body, just like mine
    Robert Smith
    Wowie, a movie? About me? Golly, I'm flattered! I couldn't possibly be worthy of that!
    I can't talk about those kinds of things until I'm declared emancipated from my parents
    Nicolas Cage could probably crush it

Which Classic Holiday Movie Character Are You?

You got: You're Buddy The Elf!

You are one of those rare people who possess the holiday spirit all year long. Congratulations! You probably drive everyone nuts.

You're Buddy The Elf!
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You got: You're Jack Skellington!

We know you mean well, but sometimes you get a little too carried away with your cooky ideas. Chill out a bit! And for pete's sakes, put some meat on your bones. Newsflash: you didn't get the starring role in "Les Miserables!" If you spent more time eating and less time getting riled up about silly projects, you'd be much better off. And leave Santa Claus alone. Even if YOU don't depend on him, lots of other people do.

You're Jack Skellington!
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You got: You're Charlie Brown!

GET A GRIP! There's no reason for you to be so down in the dumps. You've got a lot going for you! For instance, you are self-aware and probably have a lot of money in your savings account. I hereby give you permission to TREAT YOSELF to something. LITERALLY ANYTHING. Here is your free pass to do something for you.

You're Charlie Brown!
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You got: You're Clark Griswold!

You're a thoughtful person who believes Christmas is a time for spending with your family and doing good for others, which is really nice! But you should consider taking a break every now and then on the family activities. Your family hates being dragged places and doing things all the time! You don't always need to be doing stuff! Sometimes it's nice to just sit by the fire and ask your kids to explain what a Ke$ha is.

You're Clark Griswold!
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You got: You're George Bailey!

You are a wonderful person. You put others ahead of yourself, and you have a good conscience. But! Sometimes you overreact and think the entire world is collapsing around you when it actually isn't. You know what you should try? Deep breathing. Breathing in and out is CLINICALLY PROVEN to expand your brain with air, which will calm you down and help you realize that anything that sucks will only suck for a little while.

You're George Bailey!
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You got: You Are Kevin McCallister!

You're incredibly smart, but your intelligence gets you into trouble when you say really mean things to people. And you can never take that stuff back! So quit it. We know you're frustrated because you feel like you're not getting enough attention but if you keep wearing cable knit sweaters that well, you'll be in the spotlight soon enough.

You Are Kevin McCallister!
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