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16 Adorable Animals In Holiday Sweaters

Who says our furry friends can't be fashionable for the snowy season? Scope out the hottest holiday styles for those cold winter days at Old Navy, and find a pitch-perfect wardrobe fit for any event!

1. This dashing Daschund.

2. This penguin sweater wearing cat.

3. These cuties in colorful sweaters.

4. This cat who is all business.

5. This corgi is jealous he isn't in a swanky sweater.

6. This holiday themed sweater.

7. A Scottie rockin the red.

8. Not everyone is happy about their newest outfit.

9. The only thing that's gonna get you out of that sweater...

10. Is the person who put you in it!

11. And since they really love the way you look in sweaters...

12. You're kinda out of luck!

13. A good thing to do is to grab a buddy and suffer through it together

14. But if you don't have a buddy close by, you just have to suck it up

15. And make the best of what you've got

16. Because if you don't... they'll just bring in the professionals!