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7 Reasons George Takei Is The Absolute Best

It's undeniable that George Takei has completely conquered the hearts of the internet. Here are some of his internet moments that have brought us the most joy. Join George Takei in bringing cheer this Holiday season with Old Navy Cheermageddon.

1. Because he has the best catch phrase.

2. Because he's just like us!

Via Twitter: @GeorgeTakei

3. Because he appreciates the subtle art of the pun.

Via Twitter: @GeorgeTakei

4. Because he admits to fanning out about fellow Star Trek alumni.

5. Because he comes up with TV show ideas we'd actually watch.

Via Twitter: @GeorgeTakei

6. Because he knows when to step in to lend his support to the community.

Via Twitter: @GeorgeTakei

7. And because his happy dance would turn any frown upside down.