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    • OldMarriedGuy

      I like women of all ethnic backgrounds. However, I do have my preferences based on physical attributes. For example: While I may find a woman that is six foot tall intelligent, personable, and physically attractive, I doubt I would be comfortable dating her due to my 5’6” height; all races included. When it comes to what I find attractive, I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT DECIDES THAT, and quite frankly, it is NOT a conscious decision. I have dated women of several different races. I was engaged to an African American woman; she broke off engagement due to pressure from her family simply because I am white. I still love and miss her daily. That was twenty years ago. I was married to an American born woman of Irish decent. It lasted less than three years because of her infidelities. She admitted during the divorce that she never loved me and was only wanting someone to take care of her. Yeah, I got the house and cars after that was found out. I am married now to an American woman of German decent. Thirteen years together; we have our moments. If I were ever to find myself single again, and I can’t see that as a future condition, I would not hesitate to date an Asian woman, or any other race for that matter, just because of stereotypes. Nor would I pursue any particular race because of such. My attraction to Asian women WOULD most certainly trump other superficial factors such as money, success, etc. when selecting a mate. I can see beautiful Asian women in photographs anytime I choose. If I were merely desiring sexual pleasure with an Asian woman, I am sure I could locate someone suitable via an escort agency. For companionship, courtship, and marriage it would all come down to who I was comfortable with. Just my .02 Post script, No more are all white men alike anymore than all Asian women are all alike. Or, any other race combination you choose to insert in the conversation. We are all people. We are all unique in our own ways; good and bad.

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