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15 Vegan-Friendly Songs

Like your favorite smoothie bowl, this playlist is 100% cruelty free.

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1. Celebrity- N'SYNC

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A tragic tale of one popstar hoping his transition to veganism doesn't affect his relationship. If he didn't have cheese, like, everyday, WOULD you still want to be with him?

2. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson

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Jack knows how easily mashed bananas can replace eggs in any recipe!

3. Non-Dairy Creamer- Third Eye Blind

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How about that coconut milk?

4. Strawberry Fields Forever- The Beatles

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Just think about all of the smoothies...

5. Vega-Tables - The Beach Boys

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Just like my momma always said "Eat your veggies, make your colon smile".

6. Never Trust A Man- Adam & The Ants

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Realistically speaking, even if you eat eggs, you should probably be weary of anyone with an egg on his or her face.

7. Bohemian Like You- The Dandy Warhols

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Come over for vegan food? Yeah sure, you modern day, animal-loving Romeo.

8. Peace and Love- Fountains of Wayne

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Okay, we went from cooking vegan food to suddenly OPENING A RESTAURANT. A little fast, but hey, love is love, right?

9. Long Distance Runner- Promoe

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It may no longer be 2004, but veganism knows no expiry date. (Vegan food, however, does. Don't eat expired vegan food. Or any food. Just avoid consuming expired products in general.)

10. In The Lion- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

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Let's just assume "holidaying" as a vegan led to a full-fledged vegan lifestyle. Once he escaped the lion, that is.

11. I Want You To Want Me- NOFX

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Sorry to any oldies fans who were hoping for a little Cheap Trick...and then realized Cheap Trick said absolutely nothing about a veggie loving lifestyle. NOFX not only made a rocking cover, but they added a little love for the vegans too. Thanks Meghan.

12. Wasabi- Lee Harding

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Anyone down for some vegan sushi?

13. I'm Innocent- Murs

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"Healthy heart and soul with a sick mind"...I think I just found my new Instagram bio.

14. Whenever- Kid Cudi

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Because when Kid Cudi wants to make a smoothie, you get your mason jar ready.

(And did you catch that? He's not letting the other girls have any of his trail mix because, at least for the moment, he's sharing it with you!)

15. Conky Tonkin- Jimmy Buffett

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And lastly, a little country to make this playlist as diverse as #whatveganseat.

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