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The #HitTheQuanChallenge

A new dance challenge we all wish we could do.

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Mriheartmemphis / Via YouTube

As someone who prides herself on having rhythm, the new #HitTheQuanChallenge has me filled with envy!

The song: Hit the Quan by iHeartMemphis (@Mriheartmemphis)

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The challenge: Recreate Mr. Memphis's choreography while adding your own style to it.

1. Who doesn't love carefree black girls on the beach? / Via

2. This child possesses the very swag I desire. That hair flip?! Y.A.S / Via

3. The synchronization. The pants. Enough. Said. / Via

6. Oh, and don't think this challenge is just for the youngins. Check out the WWL-TV Channel 4 news anchors from New Orleans hitting the quan!

Channel 4 early am team #HitTheQuanChallenge #HitTheQuan @WWLTV . What anchors do in commercial breaks 😂

7. These women are the epitome of my personal #SquadGoals and I would like for them to mail me back my edges when they get the chance. / Via

8. And my favorite, for a plethora of reasons. Why would you post this, gurl?! (Thank you for posting this, gurl) / Via

If you found these videos enjoyable go check out the #HitTheQuanChallenge hashtag and follow @iheartmemphis on Instagram! You won't be disappointed.

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