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    • ohhhsam

      Answers to everyone.

      1. We all know that being “right” isamatter of perspective. It may be right for you, it may be different for others. We respect your opinion, but that doesn’t make it “right”. Also, being withawoman is wonderful. They’re softer and gentler than men. You should know, you are one after all.

      2.Itried so hard to understand what you wrote there. Also, how is gay marriageadeadly sin? For allIknow, it adds color and fun to the world. Plus, it saves us all some cash. see: http://www.buzzfeed.com/annanorth/10-things-legalized-gay-marriage-could-pay-for

      3. Oh. My. God. It is not written in the Bible. Please, somebody direct me to that exact part in the Bible where it says gay marriage is WRONG. Also, you are not amazing in anyway, even withamom and dad, because what kind of amazing person does not agree with gay marriage?

      4. So because you areatrue follower and believer of God and because you love him, that makes your argument valid?

      5. Of course He’d make Adam and Eve to be able to make David and Jonathan. ;)

      6. So it’s also nature that most of these heterosexual marriages end in disaster.

      7.Ihave no argument for you. You take everything literally.

      8. Honey, we ain’t changing gender. It’s the sexuality that we’re changing.

      9. So how do you think the Amazon tribe of women survive? Plus if you put all guys in one island, they’d havealuau, and you won’t be invited.

      10. Created what way?

      11. Again, what WAY??

      12. Can someone please show me this way they’re all talking about?!

      13. Um, what?

      14. Plus points for you for saying that gay citizens should be protected. And yes, fatherhood and motherhood are necessary. You’re correct. No argument there.

      15. Yes, you can beaprincess withoutaking and queen. Why do you think all those royalties killed off their parents?

      16. FACEPALM.

      17. Yes, of course. You wouldn’t be there. How stupid of me. Of course,Iwouldn’t be here two without my two moms.

      18. Say what what?

      19. Yeah, but some people get two dads or two moms. Hooray for them!

      20. Um, no. People get married because they want to be together. Some people don’t have kids, they don’t get judged. What is wrong with you?

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