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Twelve Times We Were All Literally Amanda Rollins

Because seriously, when are we not Amanda Rollins?

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Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Rapist Anonymous

“You’re so addicted to your own misery. I’d recommend help, but they don’t have a twelve-step program for self pity!”

We’re all either Amanda or Nick here, let’s be honest. Nick’s view is understandable, though. He’s just *cough*insanely jealous*cough* trying to protect Amanda from being taken advantage of. How sweet. (We’d be jealous, too, Nick, no worries.) Too bad Amanda’s a big girl. Who hasn’t snapped at someone who tries to fix other people’s problems instead of just fixing their own?


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Double Strands

"I'm right."

"But - "

“I’m right, you guys.”

“Well, maybe - "

“No, you don’t get it, I’m literally right.”

“I think we should - "

“I’m. Right. Mmkay?”

How many times have you had this conversation? I probably have it daily.


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Rapist Anonymous

Ah, the passive-aggressive bitchy smile. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, your cat has probably done it. The next time that guy that you wish you were with sneaks off to the AA meeting of the guy you’re actually with and tells you that you don’t look very happy, just shoot him one of these and [jump his bones in the break room] snap at everyone around you to stop controlling your life. It’s my life and I’ll destroy myself in a landslide of dysfunctionality if I want to, thank you very much.


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Her Negotiation

Who hasn’t sic’ed their dog on the many sketchy males we encounter, whether they’re potential serial killers or simply our many male suitors? I do it all the time. Not that I have a dog, or any male suitors. But, you know, if I did. Whatever.


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Poisoned Motive

Whether you’re loopy on morphine after being shot by a sniper, delirious after dental work, or just giggly after a night off from pretending that alcohol is less important than your responsibilities, we’ve all had this moment. *Makes thinking face* moment… that’s like… two M’s, and an N. Like an m&m, ‘cause the “and” is said like “n”, get it? And N’s sorta look like M’s so really it’s kind of like momemt. *giggles* Mo-mem-t, that sounds funny. *continues to laugh self into insanity while friends and family gaze on in horror*


Law and Order: SVU / Via Youtube screenshot - On the Rocks (Episode Highlight)

The scene that ought to win Kelli Giddish an Emmy, ladies and gentlemen. Some of us don’t need to be saved. Damn straight. As much as protective guys can be the best thing ever, let’s destroy the savior mentality once and for all. Do it without hurting anyone, though. That wasn't the best choice. Do it by taking good care of yourself. We’re badass and don’t need to be carried away on a white horse (although if the white horse looks like Danny Pino, we might reconsider). Whether you’re struggling with men assuming you need saving, or with a more intense personal battle, remember that you’ve got everything you need with you at all times - you. #Girlpower.


Law and Order: SVU / Via Hulu screenshot - Intimidation Game

I love Amanda’s subtle digs at everyday sexism. I also love her not-so-subtle digs at Carisi. In my role as Sarcastic and Critical but Hilarious and Also Socially Aware Young Woman, I aspire to be Amanda Rollins. How many of us have blatantly questioned sexist assumptions to those who have made them? If that number isn’t all of us, it should be. Fight for your right to exist. #Girlpower strikes again.


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Scorched Earth


“I, um, I just wanted to say, I, um, I’ve bought all your albums. Twice. I can’t believe I’m really here. I love you so much, oh my God. We’re, um, we’re going to get married, just so you know. Oh my God. I can’t believe I just said that. Oh my God. Oh my God. I named my fish after you. You’re perfect. Oh my God.”

… Basically. Only in Detective, not Directioner.

We know, Amanda. Olivia Benson does that to us, too.


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Amaro's One-Eighty

In which Amanda Rollins is actually a teenage girl trying to look at her crush without him noticing. Maybe if I look at him sideways and then glance away and continue to make small talk he won’t notice that I’m internally screaming. Same, Amanda. Same.


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Rapist Anonymous

Aww, a self-doubt #MandaMoment. We get it, though, don’t we? Those little moments where you wonder whether or not people are genuinely glad to have you around. Don’t worry, Amanda, even Olivia Benson eventually likes you (we mean the detective, not the cat. You don't seem like a cat person).


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Rapist Anonymous

“Oh, I don’t have to pay for someone to listen to my problems.”

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, verbatim. Don’t get me wrong, therapy is a great resource. But sometimes, we just wanna be bitchy. And sometimes, Amanda Rollins is just bitchy. It’s great. I feel her on a spiritual level.


Law and Order: SVU / Via Netflix screenshot - Rapist Anonymous

Okay, this is just here as number thirteen because at this point, we were all Nick. Have you seen Amanda? I’m no longer sure I’m straight.

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