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The 10 Weirdest Moments From The 2015 VMAs

It would have been hard to, but just in case you missed a few...

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10. This Oscars selfie wannabe


Miley's attempt to recreate Ellen DeGeneres's selfie from the Oscars was all around weird. It started with a selfie stick, Rita Ora, Bollywood Dancers, green Smurf knock-offs, a photo-bombing Kim Kardashian and ended with "marijuana on the count of three!"

8. Confetti-crotch-cannons


Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips joined Miley on stage with multiple slim cannons that were used to shoot smoke and confetti from in between her legs. Still not sure if it was that or the lyrics to her new song, "Do It", that made us all so uncomfortable.

5. While Nicki made some of her own


After thanking her pastor while accepting her award, Minaj fired some shots at host Miley Cyrus for what she said during an interview with the Times earlier this week.

Even the queen of saying inappropriate things, Rebel Wilson, was shocked!

4. All of Miley's outfit changes


Jeremy Scott is known for pushing the envelope in fashion but maybe he pushed it a little too far this time. Somehow Cyrus still looked great in everything from a one-legged unitard to a flattened rainbow box.

2. Justin getting all emotional


After his performance of Where Are U Now and What Do You Mean, Justin Bieber broke down into tears after hearing the applause of the audience rather than the booing he received just a few years ago.

*Aaand cue the awkward transition back to Miley as Justin remains hunched over in tears.

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