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Dear Snowdays: An Open Letter

Sorry, snow, it's been real.... really annoying! I think it's time for us to go our separate ways.

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Dear Snowdays, or Snow, in General,

We do admire your fluffy white texture as it lays on the tree branches. We do admire the way that you pack into the most perfect snowman or snowball. We love the way you look with a "corncob pipe and button nose", and especially with a top hat on. We love when you make the conditions too bad for school - however, we love this all to a point.

Although our love is like no other, sometimes, we can feel a bit smothered by your snow embrace. You're a great weather event, however sometimes you can be a bit much.

Don't get us wrong, we love loud, strong personalities. But don't you think you're getting to be a bit much? Don't you think giving us 28.9" and below is a little mean? We get it, it's winter, this is your season, blah blah. But wasn't one storm enough? You've hit us with two more and another one on the way.

At this point, we may have to break up soon. A lot of us are already contemplating picking up and moving to warmer habitats. Some of us students have classes, club meetings, and events that keep getting cancelled because of all of these Monday and Tuesday snow days. Why must you always make it all about YOU? Can't you consider our college careers? We're paying to get class cancelled and get assigned paper and extra assignment sin lieu of class.

Also, isn't it a little annoying to be piling on top of where we live, drive, and park? Why must we limit our lives because you want a little bit of attention? Also, why is it up to us to move you with our hands and shovels? Why can't you remove yourself? You're so selfish!

So, sorry snow, but I just don't think we can work out anymore. It's not us, it's you. Maybe we can stay friends.


The Students

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