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    4 Shows That Ended Too Soon And 4 Shows That Didn't End Soon Enough

    I need another season of Julie and the Phantoms!

    1. Ended: Once Upon A Time

    emma swan

    Season 7 is trash and it shouldn't even exist. All but three of the original cast members LEFT. Literally the only episode worth watching from that season is the final episode.

    2. Another Season: Scream Queens

    Chanel number 5 and chanel oberlin standing in their sorority house in matching fuzzy jackets

    Scream Queens is one of my fave shows and I always wished for another season. The show is funny and has lots of scream-worthy moments in it. Another season would have been amazing — it ended too soon.

    3. Ended: Glee

    Kurt and blaine singing karaoke in feather boas and astronaut helmets

    I don't know why they had to make Season 6. I mean, honestly that season is basically just "The Rachel Berry Show." I hate it. They introduced some new characters, but didn't give them ANY backstory or plot lines. The only episode worth watching from that season, for me, would be the flashback episode and the wedding episode.

    4. Another Season: Julie and the Phantoms

    The boys from Julie and the Phantom

    Because duh... more Juke, more Willex, MORE AMAZING SONGS!

    5. Ended: Community

    Troy saying "I don't know what to do, my whole brain is crying"

    After two members of the main cast left, the show just fell apart...

    6. Another Season: Gravity Falls

    the pines twins wearing peanut butter and jelly costumes
    Cartoon Network

    I personally would love to see the Pines twins in school having more adventures!

    7. Ended: Riverdale

    The CW

    Season 1 and Season 2 were OK, but then they did Season 3.... and I- I just can't. It's so confusing and weird. There's like 20 things going on and I can't keep track of any of them.

    8. Another Season: Victorious

    announcer: "ok jade, what do you hate" and jade: "uhh tuna fish, flowers, giggling, the word panties, cilantro, rainbows, ducks, man i hate ducks. Cramps, string cheese, wet doorknobs, bras that hook in the front, the color yellow, carpeting.."

    This was one of my favorite shows, and I wish there could be another season of it... well mostly more Jade West, Andre Harris, and Cat Valentine music.