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    4 Shows That Ended Too Soon And 4 Shows That Didn't End Soon Enough

    I need another season of Julie and the Phantoms!

    1. Ended: Once Upon A Time

    emma swan

    2. Another Season: Scream Queens

    Chanel number 5 and chanel oberlin standing in their sorority house in matching fuzzy jackets

    3. Ended: Glee

    Kurt and blaine singing karaoke in feather boas and astronaut helmets

    4. Another Season: Julie and the Phantoms

    The boys from Julie and the Phantom

    5. Ended: Community

    Troy saying "I don't know what to do, my whole brain is crying"

    6. Another Season: Gravity Falls

    the pines twins wearing peanut butter and jelly costumes

    7. Ended: Riverdale

    8. Another Season: Victorious

    announcer: "ok jade, what do you hate" and jade: "uhh tuna fish, flowers, giggling, the word panties, cilantro, rainbows, ducks, man i hate ducks. Cramps, string cheese, wet doorknobs, bras that hook in the front, the color yellow, carpeting.."