Scully And Mulder Investigate Reports Of An “Alien” In Spring Breakers

Scully has her doubts…

1. Mulder wakes Scully up in the dead of night..

“Scully! There is a man claiming he’s “not from this world” down in Florida. Hurry, our flight leaves in an hour!”

2. Despite her doubts, Scully follows Mulder to Florida.

“This has “hoax” written all over it, Mulder…”

3. Ever the professional, Scully does a little research during the flight.

“This isn’t peer reviewed…”

4. After landing, the supposed “Alien” approaches our beloved FBI agents…

“He’s behind me, isn’t he?”

5. “Yo! I’m Alien.”

7. “Sure thing, chickie!”

“STOP. Just stop.”

10. “C’mon y’all, why you actin’ ‘spicious?”

11. Uh huh…

“And to think I cancelled my friday night plans for this…”

13. “Let’s face it, Mulder. This guy is a joke.”

“To him, the name Alien is exactly that….just a name. Everything about him is meaningless…”


“Let’s go, Scully!”

15. Later that day…

“Hello, Alien. Did they suspect anything?”

16. “Naaaaw!!! We good!”

17. “Good.”

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