31 Reasons Health Care Reform Matters

These are some of the real people benefitting from the Affordable Care Act—and some real reasons to check out your options on the new marketplace.

1. Judith can never again be denied coverage for her multiple sclerosis.

2. Michael bought his own insurance for the first time last year, and now he's grateful to be covered.

3. Jarred is saving $3,000 a year on health insurance premiums.

4. Amanda and Solomon are covered, and now they can devote more time to singing.

5. Margaret: "Obamacare literally saved my life."

6. Joshua found a plan that fits his budget so he can take care of himself—and now his mom can stop worrying.

7. Rajeev is an entrepreneur who won't have to put the health of his business before his own health: He got covered for $74 a month.

8. Patti saw firsthand how the health care system before the Affordable Care Act discriminated against her husband for having arthritis—and now she's committed to helping others find affordable insurance that works for them.

9. Eva is saving $250 on prescriptions.

10. Renee is a mother of three who was blindsided by colon cancer. Now she can't be denied coverage for a having a pre-existing condition.

11. Lori was diagnosed with cancer 36 years ago. Now she has affordable coverage for the first time since then.

12. Sam was diagnosed with a chronic condition, but was able to stay on his parents' insurance. Now he's got insurance of his own.

13. Sarah is covered for the first time in six years. Before the Affordable Care Act, she was denied due to her pre-existing condition.

14. Eileen went without health insurance for years because she couldn't afford it. Now she's covered.

15. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Kendall is able to stay on her parent's insurance until she turns 26, which enabled her to have coverage when she needed to have major surgery.

16. Amy had a six-month lapse in coverage while treating a heart condition—but thanks to Obamacare, that won't ever happen again.

17. Jake is paying $15 a month for his health insurance. No, really.

18. Julie is a cancer survivor who no longer has to worry about lifetime limits on coverage.

19. For the first time, Luis can tell people that he's going to the doctor. Isn't that awesome? That's awesome.

20. Claire's premium is down to just $44.50 a month. Seriously.

21. Cate's family is saving more than $600 a month in premiums.

22. Carla has a plan that works for her. And best of all, her daughter is now covered after a decade of being uninsured.

23. Tresa was blown away by the quality and affordability of coverage on the new marketplace. Now she helps others in her life get covered: "It's just so remarkable, everyone should take a look at what is there for them."

24. At 62, John had only been able to see a doctor once in his life. Now he can afford to take care of himself.

25. And this Michael used to settle for expensive insurance that offered little coverage. Now he's found better coverage at a better price.

26. Virginia has been waiting eight years for the peace of mind that having health insurance brings. Now she has it.

27. Kristy's premiums are down from $600 to $52 a month.

28. Keegan can finally chase his dreams without jeopardizing his health.

29. Elaine got covered—and felt empowered by all the choices she had on the marketplace.

30. Cherlene got laid off in January 2013 and couldn't afford health insurance for several months. Now she's covered for less than $100 a month.

31. John was an Obamacare skeptic until he found out he'd be saving $500 a month on coverage for his family.

Now's your chance, folks: Check out your options before the final 2014 enrollment deadline on March 31st.

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