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Octobeard 2011: The Final Check-In

We did it. 31 whole days without shaving. Post your final check-in photo in the comments for a chance to win an awesome, manly prize.

OctoBeard • 7 years ago

Octobeard Mid-Month Check In

Octobeard is half over which means it's time to show off how far your beard has come. Post your check in photo in the comments to see how you measure up against other BuzzFeeders.

OctoBeard • 7 years ago

Gentlemen, Start Your Octobeards

Today marks the beginning of the celebration of beards and the men who wear them, OCTOBEARD. Join the BuzzFeed staff while we retire our razors for 31 days and you could win awesome prizes and fawning admiration from everyone you know.

OctoBeard • 7 years ago

OctoBeard: The Final Check-In!

It's been an itchy month, but we've finally made it, beardsmen. Time for the final check-in!

OctoBeard • 8 years ago

OctoBeard: Week Three Check-In!

With only 11 days left, we're coming down the home stretch. Let's see how everyone is coming along.

OctoBeard • 8 years ago

OctoBeard: Week One Check-In

Time to check in and show us how your OctoBeard is coming along after one week.

OctoBeard • 8 years ago

Let The OctoBeard Festivities Commence!

And so begins the second annual OctoBeard! Submit your official day 1 photos in the comments of this post. Godspeed, beardsmen! If you're not sure where to begin, start by reading our official OctoBeard rules.

OctoBeard • 8 years ago

The Official Rules Of OctoBeard

OctoBeard starts on Friday.

OctoBeard • 8 years ago

Beards: The Infographic

Everything you could possibly want to know about beards and the heroic men who wear them.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

F*ck The American Mustache Institute: Part 2

A few months back, Gavin McInnes was invited to join the American Mustache Institute, but declined because he would not shave his beard.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

Heroes With Beards

Vanja Mrgan is a Croatian illustrator, geek and an all around alright kinda guy who takes it upon himself to answer burning questions like: What would RoboCop look like with a beard?

brownkidd • 9 years ago

The Problem With Ironic Beards

All good reasons why you should only grow a sincere beard. Or as I like to call it, a sinceard.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

I Made You A Beard

Those of us men who are brave enough to still be wearing our Octobeards shouldn't get to have all the fun. That's why Erin Dollar lets you ladies and weak-willed men in on the action with her hand-made custom beards, available for purchase on Etsy.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

The End Of Octobeard

This is it, the final check-in for Octobeard. Tomorrow you'll have to decide whether to keep your awesome beard, or retire it until next Octobeard. Post your final photos, and marvel at how much cooler you look with a beard than without one.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

Octobeard Check-In

We are coming down the home stretch of Octobeard with only 10 days left to go, so what better time to check in and see how robustly our beards are coming in. Special thanks to Fred Flare for providing us with all the happy/sad sweaters.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

The Greatest Site On the Internet:

If there is anything you wanted to know about beards, the answer is waiting for you at This is the internet's foremost database of beard-related news and information. Go check it out, bookmark it, make it your homepage, submit photos of your own Octobeard. You won't regret it.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

5 Celebrities Who'd Look Awesome With Beards

A good beard can make even the most baby-faced male celebrity look like a tough, battle-hardened bad-ass. In celebration of Octobeard, let's take a look at what some fresh-faced celebrities might look like with awesome beards.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

The First Day of Octobeard

Today marks the beginning of the annual time-honored tradition known as "Octobeard". Men are encouraged to withhold from shaving for the entire month of October to pay tribute to this ancient rite of masculinity.

OctoBeard • 9 years ago

Summer of Death Skeleton Show

A town in Ohio put together this lovely Halloween display of various celebrity skeletons. Farrah is finally getting the moment she deserved.

Amanda Dobbins • 9 years ago

Czar Vs. Tsar

Czars. They're just like us. Glenn Beck's been making a huge deal out of Obama's official "Czars," pointing out that Czars are actually scary, autocratic Russian rulers. A bit of research shows he has a real - and frightening - point. Prepare to be shocked by these uncanny comparisons between Obama's Czars and their Russian counterparts.

Jack Shepherd • 9 years ago

Evil Ken

So all it takes to turn Ken evil is a wicked 'tache. Add some chops, and he's a movie star. Catch me, I'ma gonna swoon. (via)

Bwgan • 9 years ago

'Mad Men' GIF For The Ages

Warning: minor Mad Men spoilers (though not really, when out of context).

Amanda Dobbins • 9 years ago