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    20 Headcanons Percy Jackson Fans Will Love

    The mortals don't get it.

    1. Annabeth's presentation.

    2. The girl who cares about her brother.

    3. The failed skateboarding lessons.

    4. The story about Bob.

    5. The morse code chance.

    6. The Leo babysitting.

    7. The jealous mother.

    8. Charon's pay raise.

    9. Annabeth's real boyfriend.

    10. Nico's holiday in the Underworld.

    11. Percy's wedding day.

    13. Annabeth's ankle.

    14. The Lotus Casino.


    (The seven were in need of a ride, when a slick black limo rolled past them. Annabeth jumped towards it and knocked on the window rapidly. The window rolled down and an expensively dressed man made eye contact with her. After about 2 minutes, the guy shrieked out "your Highness" and scuffled around to make room for the seven. All of them were confused, except for a smirking Percy, who recognized the taxi driver whom they had given the Lotus Casino card to.)

    15. Nico's sadness.

    17. Percy still hasn't grown up.

    19. Jason's stapler situation.

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    (Since Jason had bad experiences with staplers, he was very overprotective. So when he walked in on his 13-year-old daughter cutting paper with some scissors, he had a panic attack and put duct tape on all the scissors and knives. This left and angry Piper and frustrated daughter, but he never took the duct tape off.)