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    Posted on Jul 21, 2013

    20 Amazing People Who Play By Their Own Rules

    Learn how to stick it to the man like a seasoned expert!

    General Mayhem here...


    ...who looks like he's about to accidentally enter the unpaved area too.

    The stone cold rebel who created this:


    Take that, proverb.

    This octopus rights activist

    This brave gentleman...


    Don't try this at home, kids.

    Whoever packed this sandwich


    Nobody tells this guy how to live.



    Check mate...

    This chocolate-loving rebel without a cause...

    ...and this caffeine-addled maniac.

    Chris Long, apparently...

    Via Twitter: @JOEL9ONE


    Nobody tells this renegade where to sit.


    This lone-wolf chef


    Straight from the Anarchist's cookbook.

    The person at Subway who decided it was OK to call an 11 inch sandwich a 'footlong'

    This potentially (very) underground musician

    Brendon Chaney


    It's a slippery slope, Brendon.

    The individual obsessed with drawing penises

    Whoever published Vol. 39...



    ...and the sadist who did this to Season 7


    (twitch twitch)

    Whoever made this frying pan

    Anyone who makes a helmet from bread

    This firefighter without a cause


    Some men just want to watch the world burn. This one's just as happy to look in the other direction...

    Check out /r/firstworldanarchists on reddit for more chaos and mayhem.

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