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    20 Amazing People Who Play By Their Own Rules

    Learn how to stick it to the man like a seasoned expert!

    General Mayhem here...

    The stone cold rebel who created this:

    This octopus rights activist

    This brave gentleman...

    Whoever packed this sandwich


    This chocolate-loving rebel without a cause...

    ...and this caffeine-addled maniac.

    Chris Long, apparently...

    Nobody tells this renegade where to sit.


    This lone-wolf chef

    The person at Subway who decided it was OK to call an 11 inch sandwich a 'footlong'

    This potentially (very) underground musician

    Brendon Chaney

    The individual obsessed with drawing penises

    Whoever published Vol. 39...

    ...and the sadist who did this to Season 7

    Whoever made this frying pan

    Anyone who makes a helmet from bread

    This firefighter without a cause

    Check out /r/firstworldanarchists on reddit for more chaos and mayhem.