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    Beginner's Guide To NYC

    So you just moved to New York City! Congratulations! NYC is an awesome place to be but there are a few things that you need to know before you can be called a true "New Yorker.

    1. New York City Is New York But New York Is Not New York City

    2. Cabs Are Only Taking Fares When Top Light Is Lit

    3. Black Taxi Cabs Are Expensive

    You're hailing a cab and then a sleek black car stops in front of you. You're confused and then you realize it's a taxi service. You hesitate and rightfully so! These taxi cabs are rumored to come up with their own fares and they are not a part of the yellow cab taxi service. Be weary!

    4. There Is ALWAYS A Long Line At Trader Joe's

    5. Carry Cash... ALWAYS

    6. "House-ton" NOT "Hewston"

    7. Neighborhoods In Manhattan

    8. It's A Pretty Safe City