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    Uzo Aduba Gave Her 18-Year-Old Self Advice That We Can All Relate To

    "This is when you started to realize your worth and your value."

    For Teen Vogue, Uzo Aduba wrote the sweetest letter to her 18-year-old self. Touching on topics like love, relationships, and recognizing self-worth, she gave all of us a little reminder about the important things in life:

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    Teen Vogue

    Uzo started off her letter by reminding herself she is about start a journey like no other. ’Cause let's face it: When you turned started to get real.

    1. Her first rule was to have high expectation and to never lower them for anyone. *snaps*

    2. She was candid about heartbreak and how it absolutely sucks. But she reminded little Uzo that even though it feels like the end of the world, it isn't — always give love another try.

    3. Her third rule was to become friends with both guys and girls, but "continue to be a girl's girl." She emphasized keeping female friends close because having people who aspire and inspire is so important.

    4. Fourth rule: Work hard. Uzo even shared something her mother used to say:

    5. And the last and probably most important piece of advice: Recognize your worth.

    She finished by reminding younger Uzo how proud she is of her...

    6. ...and to call her if she needs anything.

    YAAASS. 👏