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Jimmy Fallon Just Threw Some Shade At Donald Trump And It Was Magical

"The only person good enough to be my vice president is me."

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This week, Jimmy Fallon teamed up with eight grade impressionist and viral sensation, Jack Aiello, to bring us this *very important* message:

View this video on YouTube / Via The Tonight Show

Donald Trump (aka Jimmy in orangeface) started off by congratulating himself for calling the fact that the Cleveland Cavs would secure a comeback in the NBA Finals: / Via The Tonight Show

He then dove right in and made an essential announcement... / Via The Tonight Show

...his running mate for the election would be none other than... / Via The Tonight Show

...Little Donald (aka Jack in orangeface):

Even their pouts match. / Via The Tonight Show

Even their pouts match.

Little Donald had regular Donald's hand movements DOWN: / Via The Tonight Show

Look at those baby hands GO!

Everything about them was truly the same, they even shared the same passion for "construction": / Via The Tonight Show

Jack then gave us an impersonation of Sanders that was to die for: / Via The Tonight Show

Before following up with a threatening message from Trump to Sanders: / Via The Tonight Show

But it turns out no one was safe, as Jack also did a stunning impression of Hilary Clinton: / Via The Tonight Show

Watch out, America! Donald and Little Donald are gonna be ~yuuuuuuuuge~. / Via The Tonight Show

Yes. Yes, it was.

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