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Here's What 100 Years Of Hijabi Styles From Around The World Looks Like

"The hijab is more than just a fashion trend."

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Muslim Girl recently released a video of 100 years of hijab styles from around the world in a minute.

Muslim Girl's post on the video explains that the video was made in response to increasing interest in the hijab as a fashion trend. The video focuses on historical moments of change to "reinsert the nuance of the hijab’s history, strength, and tension."


While many commenters were pleased with the diversity of looks, some have taken to Facebook and Twitter to express their disappointment with the communities that weren’t included.

@muslimgirl Absolutely NO MENTION of Black African countries or African American Hijab that was worn for DECADES in the US. #NotMyHijab


Amani Al-Khatahbeh, founder of, explained her reasoning in a piece in Vice: "We started with the region that is the largest recipient of the West's failed foreign policy in modern history — the Middle East — and went from there."

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"We included Asian countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, which have been on the receiving end of devastating American military campaigns. Ultimately, we wanted to include countries that have most greatly shaped Americans' understanding of the Muslim world and our perceptions of the Muslim people as a result."