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    Posted on Jul 10, 2012

    Public Filings Disagree On Romney's Role At Bain Capital

    Romney "retired" from Bain Capital in 1999 and "had no active role" with the private equity firm afterwards, according to his 2011 financial disclosure. So how come a decade-old SEC filing lists Romney as the "sole shareholder, sole director, Chief Executive Officer and President" and "controlling person" on February 11, 2001?

    Mitt in 2011: I retired from Bain Capital in 1999

    Public Financial Disclosure Report (pdf) dated August 12, 2011. Signatory: Mitt Romney.


    Bain Capital affiliate in 2001: Mitt is still in charge

    SEC 13D Filing of US LEC Corp. (then a Bain Capital affiliate) dated February 11, 2001. Signatory: Michael Krupka, Managing Director at Bain Capital Investors IV, Inc.

    via TPM

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