Murdoch Twittergate: A Theory

How did a fake twitter account get verified for Wendi Deng? And why is Rupert Murdoch’s account so sketchy? A speculative theory.

1. Step One: The Kid

Jack Dorsey, @jack, one of the cofounders of twitter…

2. Step Two: The Power

corners Rupert and Wendi at a holiday party…

3. Step Three: The Ask

and asks them to join his social network, lending it some establishment cred.

4. Step Four: “Get Me The Hell Out Of Here”

Out of politeness or a desire to extricate themselves, they say yes… and actually do nothing.

5. Step Five: Hubris

Jack is (understandably) excited to have scored a coup. He blabs about it all over town.

6. Step Six: The Opportunistic Clowns

Jack’s news finds its way to some merry pranksters.

7. Step Seven: The Account

They create an account, and follow Jack.

8. Step Eight: Don’t Count Your Chickens Until You Know That They’re Actually Chickens And Not Some Other Animals Pretending To Be Chickens

Jack falls for it, and insists within Twitter that the account be verified.

9. Step Nine: The Wife

Then the pranksters (or others like them) do it again with Wendi. Jack gets her verified too.

10. Step Ten: A Retweet Too Far

But reporters know Wendi better than Rupert, so this happens.

11. Step Eleven: The Confession

And then this happens.

12. Step Twelve: “We Can Confirm…”

Twitter acknowledges its mistake.

13. Step Thirteen: Slink Away

Meanwhile, the Rupert feed kind of peters out too…

14. Step Fourteen: And They’re Gone…

as the pranksters beat a hasty retreat.

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