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    Toilets Explode At The Set Of 'Orange Is The New Black,' Season 2

    Gross. Scenes from the second season of Orange Is The New Black were filmed at Riverhead Correctional Facility, a jail in Long Island known for having conditions comparable to those found in Dante's third level of hell. Not exactly, but you know what we mean.

    1. Poo was everywhere.

    2. ALL OVER! In several cells.

    3. And that's not all...

    4. It happened more than once.

    5. POO!



    8. SEE?!

    9. Luckily, the ladies of OITNB were never there when it happened.

    10. Jason Porter was. (Click on the image to hear his story.)

    11. Jason described it as a 'river of poo,' kind of like the #londonpoo incident. Did you hear about that?

    12. When it happens, prisoners have to eat even though there's poo everywhere because the staff will take their time to clean up the poo. 30 hours, once.

    13. There's more.

    14. Riverhead is known for its inhumane conditions.

    15. Brown drinking water, moldy food and showers, medical neglect, bone-chilling winters and sweltering summer nights.

    16. Hundreds of people housed at Riverhead have written complaints of chronic skin rashes and worse.

    17. Most people at Riverhead are awaiting trial, so, technically, the innocent are being punished.

    18. But, even if the prisoners are guilty...

    19. It makes no sense to make them suffer in gross, unnecessary ways.

    20. Because everyone deserves a fair chance at being redeemed.

    21. Besides, what does this cruel treatment say about us as a society?

    22. Are we a society that punishes by poo?

    23. Let's show our true colors.

    24. And leave medieval torture methods to the past.

    25. The choice is clear. Will you TAKE ACTION to end the inhumane conditions at Riverhead?