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    What It Means To Be "Broke"

    Being broke is just for now...probably.

    When it comes to hanging with your friends:

    When it comes to everything else:

    What your phone looks like:

    What you're really thinking when someone invites you to an "opening":

    When you hear your friend's brother's roommate has an HBOGO account:

    You have done a trial membership at every gym in the city...

    ...and you know how to shut down the hard sell.

    You know what it's like to have your very own personal chef.

    You've come up with a strategy for dealing with a job you're overqualified for:

    You try to get your parents to look on the bright side.

    How you spend at the beginning of the month...

    ...and at the end of the month:

    You know how to maximize the food to weight ratio at the Whole Foods hot bar like nobody's business.

    Your approach to saving for retirement:

    How you feel when you ordered the cheapest thing on the menu and everyone decides to split the bill:

    What "wedding season" means to you:

    What paying off student loans feels like:

    You live in, like, the greatest city in the world!!!!

    ...and you don't have storage space for more than 4-packs of toilet paper.

    Being broke means having your fair share of days like this:

    ...but luckily, you've learned how to have a good time no matter how much is in your wallet

    ...which will come in handy until the day you are like, this rich: