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    Rosetta Stone Is Having Its Biggest Sale Of The Year So You Can Be Speaking A New Language By 2021

    C'est vrai. It's true.

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    That's right, you could be learning a new language this holiday season! What better way to spend it since we can't exactly travel? Rosetta Stone is offering some amazing deals but you've gotta hurry — they only last until 1/3!

    a collage of two different pictures, a building with a bike and the Eiffel tower, with "time to learn" written across the graphic
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    Get a three-month subscription of one language for only $11.99/mo.

    Get a 12-month subscription of unlimited languages for only $95.88 (originally $175)! That's $80 dollars off the original price.

    Or, get lifetime access to all of Rosetta Stone's languages for a one-time price of $179 (originally $199)!

    With Rosetta Stone's easy learning methods, non-academic feel, and 25 available languages to choose from, you could very well be speaking basic Japanese or Italian by Christmas dinner!

    a pastel graphic showing the Eiffel tower with the words "French verbs," "imparfait," and "present" written around it
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    The languages are:

    Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American), English (British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

    How do they do it? Rosetta Stone provides bite-sized easy-to-absorb lessons with a special ~immersion~ method that lets you learn the language naturally with emphasis on everyday context. That means no textbooks, flashcards, or old-timey vocab that no one ever uses in the real world.

    The program focuses on helping you learn the language so that you can actually use it "in the context in which they’re used in everyday conversations," from asking for directions to ordering at a restaurant. You'll be associating words and pictures with objects, actions, and ideas, using real-life examples to acquire vocabulary rather than just memorize it. From there, you'll work up to sentences and actual conversations!

    The program also offers fun activities and techniques to help you get the hang of it and ensure you're improving with each lesson — to the point where you may even start sounding like a local if you keep at it!

    Rosetta Stone lesson screen on an iPhone
    Rosetta Stone

    TruAccent helps you perfect your pronunciation with a speech recognition engine that compares your voice to thousands of native speakers, giving you real-time feedback.

    "Seek and Speak" is a word scavenger hunt game, where you search for real items and practice speaking at the same time.

    The program also has a Phrasebook for easy conversational phrases and an Audio Companion so you can listen to lessons offline. The Stories option has you read aloud while listening to native speakers. Cool, right?

    Feeling intimidated? Don't be! Learning a language alone is difficult so Rosetta Stone makes sure you aren't. You get access to live tutoring (with no extra cost) to receive feedback on your pronunciation from native speakers. They also have an online community of language learners so you can chat, ask questions, partner up, and request help!

    a girl on her bed, studying on her laptop with books
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    Each language course is divided into four units, consisting of Core Lessons (the basics), Focused Activities (honing in on the specifics), and a conversational Milestone (having you review and practice what you learned in a simulated conversation).

    They take into account your busy schedule too — no need to study for hours and hours. Rosetta Stone recommends studying at least 30 minutes a day. Their lessons sync across devices, making it easy to pick up exactly where you left off — even if you switch from desktop to smartphone — and keep track of your progress.

    Tablet, smartphones, and computer screen showing Rosetta Stone lessons
    Rosetta Stone

    Devices include desktops, tablets, and smartphones, so you can learn while cooking dinner, going on your daily jog, or doing chores!

    So what are you waiting for? Hop on Rosetta Stone's sale and surprise friends and fam this holiday season with the language you've been telling them for eons you've wanted to learn. The world is your oyster (at least until 1/3).

    graphic showing the pricing plans for lessons on Rosetta Stone
    Rosetta Stone

    You after a month of lessons:


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