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    If You Don't Drink Enough Water, You Probably Need Some Of These Things

    It sounds so simple: drinking water.

    1. A leak-proof and time-marked water bottle to keep by you because I know you forget to drink water while you're sitting at your WFH setup all day. The time marker will conveniently remind you when to take another sip and keep you hydrated.

    2. A cool mist humidifier that'll add moisture to the air, keeping your skin and nasal passages hydrated. Say goodbye to that tight, dry feeling, and say hello to dewy skin and looking hydrated from within.

    the humidifier

    3. A roll-on migraine relief stick because you can often get headaches if you don't drink enough water. Loaded with therapeutic essential oils like peppermint and spearmint, this will help ease those headaches. They're not about to ruin your day, no way!

    4. A stainless-steel Bougie water bottle you'll never want to live without it again. The double-walled insulation, leak-proof flip 'n sip lid (so you don't have to keep unscrewing the cap), and that gorgeous artwork will pull you in to drink water! Plus, it doesn't do that thing where the water tastes stale after a few hours. Fun fact: it can hold an entire bottle of wine. Bougie indeed!

    5. An ultra-hydrating multitasking andLab sheet mask for when your skin feels dehydrated because you don't drink enough water. It tackles different skin concerns, using niacinamide and vitamin B5 to calm inflammation and activate collagen, and Aquaxyl to drench skin in moisture and strengthen your skin barrier. No more flakiness — only plump, radiant skin!

    the mask

    6. Or a pack of hydrating Mediheal sheet masks to quench the most sensitive of skin. These intensive masks contain supercharged ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help maintain your skin's natural moisture levels and keep it soft and supple, all while being oh-so-gentle.

    the mask in water

    7. A water-tracking chart you can print out for motivation. Fill it out each day to make sure you drink your fill!

    the chart

    8. An under-the-sink water filtration system so you can enjoy a glass of pure fresh water straight from the tap without worrying about what the heck's in it. This'll ensure you get your clean water. Fun fact: it's designed to be installed in under three minutes!

    A reviewer photo showing a used filter turned completely brown, and an unused one that's all white

    9. A pack of stainless-steel straws because, of course, they're more eco-friendly and you drink faster with a straw. It's also much easier to sip from a straw than put the whole bottle to your mouth so you'll be inclined to drink more.

    10. A reversible and portable canvas boba tea holder that can also work for water bottles that don't have handles! This way, you have no excuse to leave your water source behind if you're going somewhere and have nowhere to put it. Enter: this!

    Printed canvas holder with an elastic to hold your straw

    11. An intense COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Essence with 96% snail secretion filtrate for extreme hydration that'll still be gentle because when you forget to drink enough water, your skin's barrier will be compromised. This helps repair that with replenishing nutrients that help prevent damage and dryness until your skin's elasticity and glow is at its best!

    12. A pack of super cute tracker stickers so you can feel accomplished when you check off each cup you've drunk.

    the sticker on the planner

    13. A glass infusion pitcher because some fruit-flavored water will def do the trick if regular water doesn't cut it.

    the pitcher with watermelon

    14. A water bottle with a built-in filter so you won't have the excuse of "purified water is not available!" whenever you go on hikes and camping trips. Stay hydrated!

    the bottle

    15. A smart bottle attachment so you'll even have technology badgering you to drink properly. This tracks when you take a sip and blinks to alert you before dehydration gets you!

    the bottle

    16. An adorable bulb-shaped bottle with a neoprene sleeve to shake things up (plain water bottles are so last year) and adorably encourage you to reach for it and take a sip!

    17. A cute and encouraging daily planner to keep yourself on track for everything you need to do throughout the day — including drink water!

    A blank page of the planner

    18. A nourishing face mist to refresh your dehydrated skin during those midday slumps. With its balancing blend of nutrients, including licorice, bamboo water, and hyaluronic acid, it brightens, soothes, *and* gives dry, dull skin a dose of moisture from the outside!

    the bottle

    19. A water tumbler with colorful rubber bands that make it fun to help you keep track of your water intake!

    BuzzFeed Editor Sam Wieder holding the water bottle with the various colored rubber bands on it

    20. A SodaStream Fizzi because hey, maybe you'll be convinced to drink more when the water's all bubbly!

    the machine

    21. An easy-to-install faucet water filter to help your tap water taste better and fresher so you'll actually start going to fill up your glass more.

    the filter attached

    22. A pack of electrolyte tablets that'll make your sports drink even tastier to drink after you're done sweating!

    the tablet in a glass

    23. These coconut-flavored infusion drops that'll make your water taste oh-so-sweet and will help you be more excited about actually drinking it.

    the bottle of drops with a water bottle

    24. An insulated 2-in-1 water bottle that offers both sustainability and versatility because it comes with a detachable travel cup you can use for coffee, tea, or just to share with someone else! Your beverage will be kept hot or cold for hours too. Goodbye, terrible plastic water bottles!

    25. A 12-pack of naturally flavored water infused with watermelon to inspire you to hydrate yourself and keep coming back for more!

    model drinking a bottle

    I hope this has inspired you to stay more hydrated! 💦