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    10 NHS Myths To Watch Out For In Tonight's Challengers Debate

    At the Nuffield Trust, we’re po-faced policy wonks who try to keep the debate on the NHS straight. This evening will see a showdown between the challenging parties - UKIP, the Greens, the SNP, Labour and Plaid Cymru. As things get a bit shouty and David Dimbleby has to do his disappointed face, keep an eye out for these 10 classic health service myths…

    1. "There's been massive privatisation under this government."

    2. "There hasn't been any privatisation under this government."

    3. "We need to get rid of all those bureaucrats and managers to save the NHS."

    4. "Immigrants are crippling the NHS."

    5. "We've set aside the money the NHS needs."

    6. "GPs are in meltdown!”

    7. "We have a new target that will guarantee better patient care."

    8. "The Welsh NHS is way behind everyone else."

    9. "The Welsh NHS is fine - nothing to see here."

    10. "Our NHS is better than theirs!"

    So there you have it. You should be feeling smugly clued up on the NHS and ready to shout things at your TV. More things. For more NHS geekery have a look at