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30 Things Only People Who Grew Up In Musical Families Will Understand

So you're saying your family doesn't have harmonized sing alongs every time you're together??

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5. Thanks to the mandatory piano lessons, you were the best in your class on the recorder in elementary school because you already knew how to read music.


Oh you're still on Mary had a Little Lamb? I've got Twinkle Twinkle Little Star memorized.

8. When your family went to the movies they always stayed until the very end for the music credits.


We realize you want to clean the theatre now, but it's very important we see who composed every single song.

13. Your family groaned in unison when you saw an instrument in a movie or tv show where the player obviously wasn’t playing the instrument correctly.


Which is why you were overwhelmed with happiness when School Of Rock used REAL CHILD MUSICIANS!

18. You got the “good” part in music concerts as a kid because you could read music and sing in tune.

24. When talking with friends in sports, you would accidentally refer to try-outs and practice as auditions and rehearsal.


And honestly it's just confusing that these so called practices consist of ZERO choreography. Take a lesson from High School Musical, sports people..come on.

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