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The 10 Worst Product Launches Ever

America has seen it's fair share of terrible product launches. Can you guess which takes the number one spot?

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10. McDonald's Arch Deluxe


Mmmmm... this new line of burgers from McDonald's was launched in 1996 and targeted the "urban sophisticates" demographic. McD's even brought in a gourmet chef to develop the Arch Deluxe.

But after $100 million and 1 year, the Arch Deluxe was scrapped.

9. Yugo

Via Flickr

Coming in at $3,990 a piece, the Yugo was an affordable option for folks looking for what was called "an assembled bag of nuts and bolts." After 7 years of being imported to America, the Yugo was forced to stop due to American sanctions in 1992.

8. Alison Lundergan Grimes' First Campaign Announcement


When Alison Lundergan Grimes decided to run for Senate earlier this year, she must have forgotten to tell her staff. When she came to the podium (late), her backdrop was from her Secretary of State campaign in 2011 and the mic stand was a roll of toilet paper. Pretty embarrassing.

Making things worse, Grimes failed to launch a campaign website prior to her announcement. So, the NRSC made one for her.


7. Apple Maps


In 2012, Apple ditched Google Maps in it's iOS6 update for it's own native map service. The application was riddled with errors, including faulty street address info and black and white images. Things got so bad, Apple had to allow Google Maps back to the App Store.

Because of the frustration, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a public apology letter.

6. Qwikster

Via Netflix

Qwikster was the short lived idea from Netflix to separate their streaming and DVD delivery services. It took only 23 days for the company to back track after subscriber outrage.

5. Crystal Pepsi


Pepsi billed it's new Crystal Clear brand as the soft drink of the future in 1993. But a clear and caffeine free soda never caught on with the American public. In less than a year, Pepsi pulled it off the shelves in America (but did reappear for a brief time in Mexico in 2005)

But not everyone is happy about this. Crystal Clear Pepsi still has at least 1,964 Facebook fans.

4. Sony Betamax


Before there was Netflix, there was DVD. Before there was DVD, there was VHS. But, before there was VHS, there was Sony Betamax.

In 1975, Sony released it's Betamax video recorder. A year later, it's competitor released similar technology called VHS and unlike Betamax, chose to license it. The rest is history.

2. New Coke

Via Coca-Cola Company

No product launch fail list is complete without New Coke.

In an effort to win a war against Pepsi they perceived as losing, Coca-Cola launched a new, sweeter product in 1985.

It backfired. A vocal group of loyal original Coke drinkers boycotted New Coke and sales quickly faltered.

After a few weeks, the original Coca-Cola was back on the market in America.

1. Obamacare


Failure to sign up, choose a plan, or even get on the website are only a few of the "glitches" of the Obamacare website, But that isn't the worst part of the Democrats' healthcare overhaul.

Because of Obamacare, and contrary to the Democrats' repeated promises, over 10 million Americans may lose their health insurance. And instead of a $2,500 decrease in premiums, Americans will see an average $7,500 increase.

And the worst part is, they knew about it all before the launch but lied to the American people.

This is only from the first month into the Obamacare launch. For that, it takes the number one spot.

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