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8 Moments That New York Perfectly Described The Life Of A Broke College Student

We have all been there and New York describes those moments all too well

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1. When you check your bank account and laugh to avoid tears.

2. When you decide to buy concert tickets or go out for a night even though you question if it is worth it.

3. When payday finally rolls around but the money isn't in your account yet.

4. When you encounter that college student who doesn't have a job but somehow is loaded with the money and won't stop talking about it.

5. When you've had Ramen for the 9th night in a row.

6. When your roommate gives you another option besides Ramen for your 10th night.

7. When you have been trying to get your squad to go with you to get Starbucks buy one get one free holiday drinks, but they're taking forever and your about to miss it.

8. When you keep eating out but don't have the money for it.

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