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  • Should You Make A Bargain With The Alderking?

    Want to get into Princeton? Hope your team wins the big game? Do you wish someone would bring you a donut right now? In The Darkest Part of the Forest, Holly Black’s new YA fantasy thriller, there exists a faerie king who would just love to help you out. But is your wish worth the price? Let this handy flowchart be your guide.

  • How To Defend Yourself Against A Vampire In 5 Steps

    A difficult lesson, but necessary. Any reputable school ought to offer at least one course in vampire defense. Eton has three. For more lessons in the fine art of finishing (others) join Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy. Where you’ll find lessons in etiquette & espionage as taught in Gail Carriger’s book series, Finishing School.

  • How To Ride A Werewolf In 6 Steps

    Now remember, a lady rides sidesaddle, NOT astride. Your mother would be in hysterics at the very idea that a daughter of hers would ride a werewolf astride! Why, next you’ll be showing ankle…

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