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7 Oil Pastel Water Birth Paintings That Remind You Of Memories With Your Father

Take a stroll down memory lane.

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His Sensitive Side


Contrary to the image your dad projects to the world, he actually has a rather feminine side. One that's sensitive to the needs of others. One that allows him to comfortably dress up and sing all of Cats the Musical with you in front of your 3rd grade class as opposed to hiding in his room to perform it like he usually does. Your dad is both Liam Neeson in Taken and Justin Timberlake in NSYNC. Maybe this painting reminds you of the time he was offended when someone called out his polo for being pink and not salmon on the golf course. Or that time he cried when the faucet was on because he thought it was a ghost. Either way, there's no doubting this water birth painting definitely screams "moments with my sensitive dad."

His Protective Side


Growing up, you were not the prettiest person. Maybe you were ugly inside, maybe outside, maybe both sides, but there was no denying you were ugly. Don't worry, we all were. Whether it was missing a tooth, an eyebrow, or a will to live, we all had our flaws. Lucky for most of us we had Dad, our knight in shining armor. Maybe this painting reminds you of the time you struck out every inning of baseball and your dad responded "wait until you meet the ladies in high school." Or that time he stuck up for you against the popular girl's Dad because his daughter had made fun of the way your butt crack hung out the back of your pants. Masculinity may be fragile, but your dad is not. He is strong, fearless, and ready to take down anyone who upsets his bundle of joy, as evident by this painting.

His Competitive Side


There's no denying your Dad wants you to be more than just honorable mention. He wants the best for you and the best may consist of hours upon hours of playing catch on the front lawn. You may not understand chess, but that makes no difference in his eyes. He will always play black and will berate you for approaching it like checkers. Regardless of the system your mother has established at Thanksgiving, the kids will not be eating first because there will be Dad, elbowing little Timmy in the face so he can be the first to taste the party potatoes. His competitive nature, though tiresome in the beginning, has rounded you out to be the individual you are today. His hands push you to do your best and that's why this painting reminds you of his competitive side, the one that lit a fire in your heart from your very first water birth.

His Stubborn Side


It was definitely YOUR fault that the microwave smells like egg. Forget the fact he simply likes to watch what happens when it explodes, YOU did it and that is what YOU are telling YOUR mom. Getting sent to the principals office is a nightmare because you know right behind that door is a phone that he'll use to call your Dad. Once you're picked up there won't be any abundant love, it'll just be the whitening of his knuckles as they tighten against the wheel. This photo reminds you of his stubborn nature. No matter how close it may seem he keeps you, he will never back down from doling out consequences. Eventually, he'll get old and wary. His stubborn nature will result in sleep and allow you to successfully steal Vodka from your parents cabinet.

His Inability to Let Go

Watching you leave for college is hard for Dad. Watching you in pain is hard for Dad. All these things are hard for Dad but the hardest? Letting go. You may remember traces of this when he hugged you on your first day of school, tears dripping down his eyes as he watched you bounce up the big yellow school bus steps. Or that time your prom date gave you a corsage and Dad had to reckon with the fact he was no longer the only man in your life anymore. Dad can't let you go. He refuses to let you go. He will try his hardest to keep you wrapped in his arms forever, living out your days in the confined hell of suburban America.

His Friendly Side


Your Dad is your number one best friend always. He's there to support (almost) all your games, recitals, and first dates, even when you request a million times that he stops. When you walk through the door after a long day, he's always there to greet you I Love Lucy style, ready in his suit to talk about outdated politics. You watch all the same shows, like all the same foods, and drive the same car. Heck, maybe if you had met in a different time period you'd be the one in the oil pastel painting giving birth to his baby. Every time he sees you, he feels the need to cry with joy, that's why this painting reminds you of your dad's friendlier side.

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