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    31 Splurge-Worthy Things From Walmart That'll Be Useful All Year

    Did you know you could get the Echelon bike, Dyson vacuum, and Foreo face cleanser at Walmart? Now you do.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An Echelon stationary bike so you can get back into your exercise routine at home β€” plus, with 32 levels of silent magnetic resistance to vary your workout intensity, live classes, and more than 500 on-demand videos to choose from, it's never been easier to get back into your exercise routine.

    Woman riding Echelon bike in her living room with weights in her hands

    Promising review: "Great spin bike for the price. We used an old iPad and TV to create our own spin studio for less than $700. We can stream Echelon classes or anything else we want on while the class is going on and we saved thousands. The app is inexpensive and each member of the family has their own profile to keep track of our progress. Well done, Walmart!" β€”Jeffrey

    Price: $499 (originally $599)

    2. A papasan chair for all your at-home reading nook needs. Complete with an extra thick cushion, this indoor-outdoor chair instantly makes any room feel ultra cozy.

    The chair with grey cushion

    Promising review: "This chair is so comfortable! I put it in my front yard, and it a great place to chill out after the whole day work. The arch design is great, it embraces my whole body, and I sat on this chair for hours. It just feels so relaxing." β€”Zirui

    Price: $129 (available in three colors)

    3. An espresso and cappuccino maker so you can finally turn your kitchen into the cafe you've always dreamed of. Plus, with an attached jet frother and a three-in-one filter, this machine lets even coffee amateurs perfect their brew.

    The espresso machine

    Promising review: "This makes perfect espresso and cappuccino, also great to brew loose leaf tea. The use of it is very simple. It is well-constructed with high-quality material and very easy to clean after each use." β€”Snorkeling

    Price: $139.95

    4. A VIZIO smart TV that'll work hard so you don't have to β€” whether you're a gamer or a professional binge-watcher, this TV offers SmartCast, hands-free voice control, dynamic motion rate, and more.

    The TV

    Promising review: "Really, really enjoying our TV. Easy set up and pairing with Comcast remote. So happy we did this β€” especially with β€˜safer at home' orders." β€”Judy1946

    Price: $298 (originally $328)

    5. A FOREO Luna Mini 2 sonic face cleanser for washing away 99.5% of acne-causing irritants and customizing your cleansing with adjustable speeds and an app that lets you track your skin's health.

    The face cleanser

    Promising review: "This is an amazing product that will clear out your skin and make it so smooth in just two weeks. Also I am not scared that it will be damaged from water. Great purchase that will last for a long time." β€”Areej

    Price: $109.99 (originally $139; available in five colors)

    6. A Dyson V7 vacuum to rely on a cord-free, hassle-free cleaning experience with a powerful suction power that will leave your floors looking like new.


    Promising review: "I love my DV7; it's lightweight and my favorite part is that I don't have to touch the dirt in the vacuum to dispose of it." β€”Kristen

    Price: $299 (originally $399.99)

    7. A griddle and charcoal grill combo so you can enjoy the last days of warm weather with some home-cooked BBQ made on a top-rated grill.

    The grill

    Promising review: "We have a family of seven and needed to upgrade and I really liked the idea of being able to make grilled cheese, eggs, etc; on the griddle part of it. I am happy I bought this grill. It came earlier as expected and wasn't damaged from shipping. It was easy to put together." β€”Stephanie

    Price: $199

    8. An outdoor fire table for all your late-night outdoor relaxing needs β€” this sturdy table is made of robust aluminum and comes with the clear fire gas you'll need to enjoy your garden purchase.

    The grey outdoor fire table

    Promising review: "I love the look of this product. The amount of heat it puts out is great for East Tennessee. It is a great fire pit. I would definitely recommend it." β€”Wanda

    Price: $649.99 (originally $898.47)

    9. A mid-century fireplace TV stand that'll give you the Queer Eye aesthetic without breaking the bank. This Fab 5-designed stand can hold up to a 65-inch TV, has a remote-controlled electric fireplace, and can hold up to 120 pounds.

    The TV stand

    Promising review: "A great decorative stand with a little storage. The fireplace works as a heater as well as just being a decorative piece of furniture. To me it has a little 70s feel to the look but it will hold a television nicely with a cupboard to hold a few games for entertainment." β€”GrammaGucci

    Price: $335

    10. A Rachael Ray 12-piece cookware set for the ultimate kitchen set-up that's cute, functional, and will last you a lifetime.

    The cookware set

    This set includes two saucepans with lids, a stockpot with lid, two frying pans, a covered sautΓ© pan, and slotted turner and spoon.

    Promising review: "Beautiful set of cookware. Love the color and weight of each pan for the price paid. Purchased this for my daughter β€” off to college with her first apartment, so needed something that was not too expensive and would hold up through her time away at school." β€”Tish

    Price: $224.98

    11. A Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion exfoliator that'll help smooth and brighten your skin. Made with magnesium, oxide crystals, lactic acid, and soothing botanicals, your skin may practically glow after a single use.

    The Dr Brant microdermabraision bottle

    Promising review: β€œUnlike many other scrubs, this one has extremely fine crystals that when used according to the directions leaves your skin feeling young, polished, and ready to accept moisturizer, etc. It is very gentle on your skin, and rinses easily, particularly in the shower. I am sold on this product, though it is pricey.” β€”Davidagd

    Price: $44.50 (originally $79)

    12. A glass top industrial table to give your dining room a chic, rustic feeling and, since it was designed by the Fab 5 themselves, this piece is almost guaranteed to be a statement-maker.

    The round glass-top table with oak legs

    Promising review: "Looks great in the dining area of my home. The dining table creates a visual delight being made of wood, gold-colored steel plates, and the clear glass table top give this table a timeless look. I'm looking forward to years of service with this table." β€”MoonFirez
    Price: $240

    13. A Keurig K-Latte coffee maker and milk frother so you have the cafe experience at home. Unlike regular Keurigs, this model makes standard coffee as well as shots that can be paired with frothed milk to make a latte.

    The Keurig and foamer

    Promising review: "This is a great item for your house. It is very easy to set up and just as easy to use. Very easy to understand instructions enable you to use this product minutes after taking it from the box. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys lattes or just a plain cup of coffee." β€”MrKite68

    Price: $89 (originally $99)

    14. A gigantic 8-foot bean bag that'll make even the dreariest room that much more comfortable β€” plus, it comes in 12 different colors to match all your decorating needs.

    The large velvety bean bag

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this bag. It's so nice and soft." β€”Lee1on1

    Price: $457.42 (originally $529.99; available in 12 colors)

    15. A 12-pack of dark chocolate bars, because this'll (probably) last you an entire year of baking and hot chocolate-making. With 55% cocoa and no sugar added, this chocolate bar doesn't mess around.

    Woman holding Lily's original dark chocolate

    Promising review: "If you want smooth dark chocolate without sugar or aftertastes, this is the perfect product!" β€”larsdon

    Price: $40.92

    16. A Fujifilm Instax Mini bundle so you can document all your favorite moments with an Instagram-favorite camera.

    The light pink Fujifilm camera

    Promising review: "Super cute. The photos look authentic and retro!! I love watching them develop." β€”Maxine

    Price: $69

    17. A Catan strategy board game that'll keep you and your family (or roommates!) busy during the rest of quarantine. The goal of the dice-based game is to use your resources to build settlements and roads β€” you can trade with other players, if they're willing, and the first person to get 10 points wins! Anyone got any sheep?

    The board game

    Promising review: "Superb strategy game to be played with friends and family. We kind of became addicted to play this game once we were well acquainted with rules. Great game to play for two to three hours!" β€”Shaurya

    Price: $42.78 (originally $55)

    18. A modern accent chair for a two-toned flair of style that will brighten up any room.

    The two-tone grey chair

    Promising review: "If you have modern decor, this chair will be a great accent piece for you. It has firm support with a deep seat. If you are short, as I am, you might like to add a decorative pillow for back support." β€”Bullwinkle3000

    Price: $350

    19. A foldable drone with remote controller so you have a new quarantine hobby that'll help you maintain social-distancing guidelines and let you embrace your love of aerial photography.

    Models using the drone with remote control

    Price: $799

    20. A Kodak digital camera that'll make you give up your cellphone photos once and for all. With 16 megapixel resolution and 40x optical zoom, this camera will help you nail each shot β€” no blurriness in sight.

    The red digital camera

    Promising review: "Incredible bang for the buck! I've had this for about 19 months and I have taken 5,200 pictures. So worth it! " β€”ittellsthetruth

    Price: $149 (originally $169.99)

    21. A pair of Samsung earbuds so you can initiate the headphone's active noise cancellation feature and enjoy your music without having to hear your roommates anymore.

    Model wearing the pink chrome earbuds

    Promising review: "I love these! They are so dang comfortable, sleek and sound great. Noise cancellation cuts out droning noises like a fan or our office's loud hvac system well. It reduces voice loudness. Sound is full and bass is very good." β€”EmbraceSound

    Price: $169

    22. A Bluetooth karaoke system that'll bring you hours of fun and *probably* annoy your neighbors. It comes with four music playback functions, a microphone, and glowing light effects to really set the mood.

    A family of four singing into the karaoke machine

    Promising review: "My daughter loves it! Everything came in working order and we haven’t had any issues. I like that we can also connect it to our devices for even more song selections." β€”Netra

    Price: $123.97

    23. A foldable treadmill, because this'll transform your apartment into an at-home gym without sacrificing space β€” plus, this treadmill can hold up to 220 pounds and offers handrails and an emergency stop button so your safety while working out is guaranteed.

    The treadmill

    Promising review: "Excellent product for the price, top value for the money. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, I am more than glad and happy to have my own gym, being independent from the weather conditions. Very helpful, especially since my employer has allowed working from home. Great treadmill, easy assembly. Solid, works great. Great treadmill for the price." β€”James

    Price: $400

    24. A stainless-steel wine fridge that'll let you store up to 27 bottles inside with adjustable racks and exterior thermostat so you can keep your collection the exact temperature you desire.

    The wine fridge

    Promising review: "I’ve had this wine fridge for a few weeks and it’s been working great! I'm keeping a consistent 47-degree temp, perfect for my white wines. I can fit my all my wine bottles, including the big one in the bottom drawer." β€”MissCady28

    Price: $331.81

    25. A PlayStation 4 so you can play games with your friends online and join in on all the Fall Guys fun!

    The Playstation and matching black controller

    Promising review: "This works great, looks nice, and sounds clear, plus it's extra slim for small places. Came in fast delivery, I recommend." β€”Daisy

    Price: $299.99

    26. A computerized sewing machine that'll let you alter your thrift store finds, make your own masks, and join in on the TikTok side of sewing with an easy-to-use stitch selector that's perfect for all skill levels.

    The sewing machine

    Promising review: "Easy set up! Very user-friendly! Has more features than I will ever use! Great price!" β€”sqlvampire

    Price: $168.99

    27. An L-shaped desk so you can transform your home office into a functional (and comfortable) place to work with plenty of desk space and vertical storage.

    The desk

    Promising review: "Love our new desks! Excellent quality. Very professional. Would definitely purchase again." β€”demetrish

    Price: $229.99

    28. A widescreen portable DVD player to completely transform your long road trips with an anti-shock system so you can enjoy your device for years to come.

    The portable DVD player

    Promising review: "My large screen DVD player is great, it was very easy to set up, great picture, great price" β€”Patricia

    Price: $119

    29. A pivoting outdoor misting fan so you can stay cool during the warmer months with a device that offers three speeds and is proven to reduce air temperature by 25 degrees.

    The misting fan

    Promising review: "This is our second of these fans. We use them on two of our patios and it's the only thing that makes being outside in Florida bearable in summer. All you have to do is soak the nozzles in CLR a couple times a year and they keep spitting out the mist." β€”SenatorCY

    Price: $129

    30. An ultra-light ASUS VivoBook that'll make at-home learning even easier with a 3500U processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD storage.

    The laptop

    Promising review: "Purchased this laptop for my son for virtual learning. So far it has worked out great for him, he loves it, great graphics and sound, was able to connect a second monitor to it as well." β€”Annette

    Price: $429

    31. A hybrid cruiser e-bike so you can enjoy eco-friendly rides around your town with a bike that works hard, so you don't have to. With a 250-watt motor and seven adjustable speeds, this bike can travel nearly 40 miles in full electric mode.

    The bike

    Promising review: "We were looking for a well built e-bike to attack the many hills in our local streets and this sixthreezero fit the need. We think this is the best value for an e-bike, is easy to ride, but provides the exercise one expects. Seven speeds is easy to maneuver and the power levels makes us confident to climb the steepest of streets." β€”Kahuna

    Price: $898

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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