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    21 Drunken Foods That Will Change The Way You Party

    Because, let's face it, anything is better than straight shots.

    1. Beer Infused Ice Cream


    Let's start easy, this item can be purchased by the pint here, and is probably the best way to consume alcohol outside of shots. Why? Because it combines America's two favorite things: Beer and ice cream.

    2. Alcoholic Pizza


    In 2012, Victor Paone, a genius chef at Salvatore's in Boston, created what appeared to be the first alcoholic pizza. If you aren't in the Boston area, which makes it difficult to visit Salvatore's, then you could try soaking your toppings in alcohol, or putting alcohol in your pizza sauce.

    3. Skittles Vodka

    4. Spiked Donuts


    What better way to consume alcohol than in a donut? This specific recipe celebrates Oktoberfest by combining beer and pumpkin pie.

    5. Absinthe Lollipops


    A company renown for its strange, yet enticing, flavors brings you absinthe lollipops. Try one yourself. Not a fan of absinthe? That's okay, Lollyphile also sells wine and Tequila lollipops, among others.

    6. Rainbow Jello Shots


    Get creative with these rainbow jello shots. Their bright colors and alcoholic content are guaranteed to be a big hit with your guests.

    7. Alcoholic Fruit Loop Bars


    Decently unhealthy, but perfectly delicious, these treats are will have your drunken self reveling in nostalgic memories.

    8. Drunken Gummy Bears


    This is a sweet and simple way to both conceal and consume alcohol.

    Follow these directions for drunken gummy bears that are not sticky or abnormally shaped after the refrigeration process.

    9. Cookies N' Cream Pudding Shots


    In case you were wondering, a pudding shot is exactly the same as a jello shot. This recipe uses cookies n' cream pudding mix, but this can easily be substituted for your favorite flavor.

    10. Jack and Coke Cupcakes


    This is how to consume a classic drink in a modern way. Cheers.

    11. K-cup Cocktails


    Your Keurig can be used for more than just coffee; this site will help guide you while you explore the warm wonders of alcoholic coffee.

    12. Whiskey Filled Chocolates


    Perfect for a bachelorette party, these chocolates are not only a tasty way to consume whiskey, but are sure to keep the party interesting. Buy them here.

    13. Drunken Milkshake


    Milkshakes are one of those foods where alcohol can be inserted without any difficult preparation. If you're afraid to experiment, there are several recipes that harness the taste of popular cocktails.

    14. Boozy Brownies


    This recipe takes all the deliciousness of a brownie and adds alcohol. Basically, if you're ready to have a good time, these should be your weapon of choice.

    15. Drunk Melon Balls


    These might be the classiest way to get drunk. Perfect for a summer soirée, drunk melon balls not only look and taste fantastic, they also are the healthiest drunk food on this list.

    16. Hard Cider Apple Pie


    Although it is hard to believe that apple pie can be improved, this chef found a way to do it. Bring this pie to your next family dinner and watch the effects unfold.

    17. Rum Cake


    These cakes are a more traditional way to consume alcohol in food. While there are many different recipes, if you're too lazy,you can always buy a rum cake; the most popular are from the Caribbean company Tortuga.

    18. No-bake Chocolate Kahlúa Balls


    This dessert is bite-sized, chocolatey, and simple to make, making them a perfect food item for a large party.

    19. Irish Cookies


    These cookies, although not aesthetically appealing, are jam-packed with three different alcohols and are sure to get you buzzed.

    20. Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots


    You can't go wrong with a jello shot, especially not one that is strategically placed inside a ripe, red strawberry. It's just about the best jello shot you'll ever make.

    21. Adult Twinkies


    These babies are a homemade adaptation of Hostess' Twinkies with a twist: Rum. They should make your snack time a little more interesting.

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