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21 Drunken Foods That Will Change The Way You Party

Because, let's face it, anything is better than straight shots.

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1. Beer Infused Ice Cream


Let's start easy, this item can be purchased by the pint here, and is probably the best way to consume alcohol outside of shots. Why? Because it combines America's two favorite things: Beer and ice cream.

2. Alcoholic Pizza


In 2012, Victor Paone, a genius chef at Salvatore's in Boston, created what appeared to be the first alcoholic pizza. If you aren't in the Boston area, which makes it difficult to visit Salvatore's, then you could try soaking your toppings in alcohol, or putting alcohol in your pizza sauce.

17. Rum Cake


These cakes are a more traditional way to consume alcohol in food. While there are many different recipes, if you're too lazy,you can always buy a rum cake; the most popular are from the Caribbean company Tortuga.

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