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    16 Glorious Ways To Make Mac 'N' Cheese

    Boxed mac is great, but it's time to up your game.

    1. Baked Mac and Cheese


    A staple of my diet growing up, baked mac and cheese has a warm, cheesy texture that boxed mac and cheese cannot compare with. Try it yourself!

    2. Grilled Mac and Cheese


    That's right, a grilled cheese sandwich with mac and cheese stuffed inside. While there are several ways to make this sandwich, here's one recipe.

    3. Broccoli Mac and Cheese

    If you adore broccoli and cheddar cheese soup, this is the perfect dish for you. Recipe here.

    4. Ketchup Mac and Cheese


    This is an extremely easy way to enhance mac and cheese. Merely squirt a little ketchup on top of your dish and mix.

    5. Mashed Potato Mac and Cheese


    This concoction was created late at night in a college dorm. Mix together instant mashed potatoes, boxed mac and cheese, and a vegetable of your choice in a bowl and enjoy.

    6. Shells and Cheese


    Substitute the elbow noodles for shells and you have a whole new dish!

    7. Roasted Vegetable Mac and Cheese

    Creamy, crunchy, and all around wonderful, this dish is a clever way to get your picky eaters to eat their veggies.

    8. Ranch Mac and Cheese


    Mix ranch with your favorite mac and cheese to give your dish an interesting new flavor.

    9. Mac and Cheese Pizza


    Umm, yes please! Two wonderfully unhealthy things combined together cannot be denied. Get the recipe!

    10. BLT Mac and Cheese


    I'm assuming if you love bacon you would want to try this bacon-filled recipe.

    11. Mac and Cheese Dogs


    Rather than chopping up hot dogs into tiny pieces and mixing them into your mac and cheese, merely add the mac and cheese on top of the hot dog. Genius!

    12. Chicken Nugget Mac and Cheese Casserole


    This dish is a simple and delicious dinner for your inner child.

    13. Mac and Cheese Burrito


    Either stuff a tortilla with gooey mac and cheese and eat it plain, or add a few other ingredients, such as chicken and mashed potatoes, like the person above.

    14. Fried Mac and Cheese Bites

    Via macyourself

    This recipe is not for the faint of heart. Enjoy at your own risk.

    15. Mac and Cheese Omelet


    A simple and easy way to reinvent breakfast. Merely add mac and cheese to your cheese omelet and you're ready to eat.

    16. Mac and Cheese Ravioli


    Once you try this dish, it is unlikely that you will return to your normal cheese-filled ravioli. Try it yourself.

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