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    12 Ways Studying Abroad In Prague Ruins You For Life

    Cheap beer is only one of the reasons this city is the best Europe has to offer.

    Dobry Den, Praha!

    Marilyn La Jeunesse

    While most students want to study abroad in London, Paris or Rome, those who are willing to adventure to the Czech Republic find that Prague is the most perfect place to be a student.

    1. Unbelievable Architecure

    Marilyn La Jeunesse

    From the dark age of Gothic architecture to the fairytale buildings from the Baroque period, very inch of Prague is covered in gorgeous structures and colors for you to admire. Where else can you find a modern city that looks like this?

    2. Visible History

    Marilyn La Jeunesse

    The famed Lennon Wall still stands, covered in graffiti from people all over the world. The wall was originally created by dissidents during the Communist era in Prague for people to write their grievances and hopes for the future.

    3. Central Location


    Prague has easy access to all major European cities. Via plane, train, or car, a quick weekend getaway is always an option, and the insanely affordable prices are a plus!

    4. Koruna not Corona


    Although the name on their money does sound oddly similar to the Mexican cerveza, it's one of the few European nations not on the Euro, making Prague an exceptionally cheap city to live in. A night out on the town costs about $20. Groceries for two weeks amount to $25 at most. It's a student-budget haven.

    5. Amazing Food

    Via Flickr: qaelarne

    Yes, their dumplings and goulash are astounding, but the true deliciousness of Czech food lies in their Trdelnik dessert. And, if you ask nicely, they put Nutella inside of it for you!

    6. Cheap, Good Booze


    For as little as a dollar you can get a huge glass of golden beer. The cheap price almost begs you to have another. Although German beer is renown for it's superb quality, the Czech beer, Pilsner Urquell, gives the Germans a run for their money.

    7. Fairytale Castle


    Keeping with the theme of a fairytale city, the Prague Castle is stunning both at a distance and up-close. It also offers some of the best views of the orange-roofed city, perfect for the Instagram-lover.

    8. Club Night Every Night


    Retro Wednesdays, Radost Thursdays, Lucerna Fridays...the list of amazing places to dance are never ending (and most have a free or reduced entrance fee on certain nights).

    9. Christmas Markets


    Mulled wine, an assortment of adorable Czech gifts and a gazillion lights breathe new life into the Christmas season. Plus, a ton of Trdelnik stands to choose from!

    10. Art, Art Everywhere


    Traditional sculptures dot the town and Mucha's art adorns the walls of galleries throughout Prague, but the most avant-garde artist to see while in Prague is David Cerny. Did I mention he has a sculpture that gyrates and squirts water from male genitalia?

    11. Quiet Town


    Even the busiest crowds that surround the Astronomical Clock in Old Town are as quiet as mice when compared to the big-city bustle of New York or Los Angeles. The peace and quiet are easily welcomed and enjoyed.

    12. Overall Beauty


    Prague is simply marvelous. The scenic views, storybook buildings and never-ending supply of delicious beer make it hard to leave such a wonderful place.

    Na Shledanou, Praha!


    Every student who has studied abroad in Prague recognizes the effect the magical city has had on them when they return home. It's an experience unlike any other!

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