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    10 Tips For Surviving An Office Environment

    The Office was more entertaining than most IRL offices. So here are some easy tips for making it through the 9-5 with minimal effort, from a seasoned, clearly very humble, professional.

    1. Snacks

    2. Manage people's expectations

    3. Scout out the good quiet, private work areas*

    *hiding places with phone signal

    This may be the bathroom, in which case be prepared with an IBS TMI related explantation, or if you're lucky it may be a 'focus' or 'meeting' room. You're looking for any area of the building where you can spend a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes at a time without interruption and without raising suspicion. Also this will ideally be somewhere your boss can't stumble upon you, so maybe a different floor or somewhere far from their desk and eye line.

    4. Make work friends

    5. Can you listen to music at work?

    6. Keep busy, in and out of the office

    7. Prioritise

    To do lists can be great but they don't necessarily mean you need to get things done. This is a way of tracking what you do and don't need to actually act upon. So prioritise your list into:

    Deniable – someone else could do this, pass it on.

    Low – can do in five minutes but you should take a day and manage expectations.

    Medium – will probably take some time, best leave it til you're really bored one day.

    High – this was Low three weeks ago.

    Urgent – this was Medium a month ago.

    Should have been done yesterday – oops do this now for sure.

    Forgettable – no one will remember you had to do this anyway, leave it on the list for a month then delete before swiftly leaving your laptop for a cuppa.

    8. Utilise meal times

    9. Working from home

    10. Have a clear timeline

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