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An 11 Year Old Girl Covers Ed Sheeran And Absolutely Slays It

After her mum posted a snippet to YouTube of Tamillia Chance covering "Thinking Out Loud", the video has racked up thousands of views on the website and gone viral on Facebook with over 3 million views.

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We're usually embarrassed when mum gets out the camera and starts filming. But if you're 11 year old Tamillia Chance, you have nothing to cringe at!

She's not even a teenager yet and already Tamillia Chance is proving the slay is real!

With the help of her mum, the pair have created a YouTube channel to showcase Tamillia's singing talents, amassing thousands of views.

It's hard to be mad at an 11 year old for being more talented than we could ever hope to be when she's so damn adorable too!

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