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    15 Chip Flavors That Remind Me Of Why My Wife Left Me

    These chips remind me of my unfulfilling life and unending torment on this mortal coil. Plus they taste bad.

    1. Beer & Brats

    2. Cappuccino

    3. Szechuan Chicken

    4. Milk Chocolate

    5. Crab Curry

    6. Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar

    7. Crème Brulee Milk Tea

    8. Fried Crab

    9. Grilled Eel

    10. Ketchup Fries

    11. Ketchup

    12. Oolong Milk Tea

    13. New York Reuben

    14. Grilled Prawn and Seafood Sauce

    15. Wasabi