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8 Reasons Taylor Swift Is Ted Mosby's "The One"

Forget yellow umbrellas and blue french horns; these two were meant to be.

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1. They'd both say "I love you" on the first date.

and neither would respond with: "WHAT???"

2. They both believe in fate, destiny, signs from the universe, "the one," etc...

maybe a little too much....

3. They both have a rain fetish


4. They both have had traumatic experiences post 2 A.M.

so they would easily agree on a bedtime.

5. They both wear Renaissance costumes on the reg.

a "ren-AI-ssance" themed wedding perhaps?

6. Neither one has a problem seducing people on the day they are supposed to marry someone else

so if anything, they should marry each other for the sake of all the other people out there trying to not get left at the altar.

7. They both want kids

Ted has 2 kids

Taylor fantasizes about 2 kids. (ok, 10...they'll work it out).

8. Finally, they both have a LOT of feelings.

like really a lot. #soulmates

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