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    17 Design Fails That'll Make You Say, "I Suck At Life, But I Think I Could've Done Better"

    Life is full of happy accidents. H/T r/CrappyDesign

    1. This Spider-Man tissue box that's probably made out of web:

    2. This textbook audio player that won't play for some reason:

    3. This decal for tunafficionados:

    4. This clock store sign that's a little hard to read:

    5. This logo that's out for fresh air:

    6. This handy photoshop:

    7. This shitty marble sink:

    8. This interesting word flow:

    9. This lady that's a-ok:

    10. This interesting fashion choice:

    11. This fascinating web design:

    12. This sign that's not at all confusing:

    13. This face-off:

    14. 1th:

    15. This HealthH club:

    16. This child who already has a leg up on life:

    17. And finally, this poetry:

    For more crappy designs, check out r/CrappyDesign on Reddit