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    Nov 5, 2014

    28 Soothing Lava GIFs That Will Sexually Gratify You

    Who needs a lover when you have lava?

    1. So, this is lava:

    It's molten rock that usually surfaces during volcanic eruptions.

    2. It's really... hot. Like, 1100 – 2000°F hot.

    3. And when it reaches the surface, it cools down a bit, and it becomes this gooey consistency.

    4. All you want to do is touch it.

    5. Look at the way it comes at you. It's telling you, "Yeah, baby. Put your hand inside me."

    6. Look how the lava squeezes out from beneath that hard rock.

    7. Lava devours anything that's in its path.

    8. Anything.

    9. It flows through rocks like a creamy, creamy sauce. You just want to scoop it up and put it in your mouth.

    10. Lava doesn't give a fuck.

    11. It'll crack open a rock and ooze out like hot apple pie filling.

    ::mouth watering::

    12. ...Oh yeah...

    13. Look at it seep through the cracks.

    14. Oh, ~fuck~...

    15. Breathe in... breathe out...

    16. You just want to grab it and let it slowly slip through your fingers.

    17. Look how it glides down that naughty cliff.

    18. Look how it purifies itself in the bubbling waters of the Pacific Ocean.

    19. Look at that sexy, hard exterior with that soft, mushy interior. Makes for a perfect lover.

    20. You just want to take it into your arms and cuddle with it until the end of time.

    21. Look how it drops like piping-hot candle wax.

    22. You just want to bite into it.

    23. You just want to hug it and let it slowly slither between your arms, warming you up on a cold, lonely, winter night.

    24. You just want it all over you.

    25. Yes...

    26. Fuck yes...

    27. But you can't...

    28. ...because it's just too damn hot.

    Oh, well.

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