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My Mom Tried Burger King's Whopperrito And It Was Weird AF

"People my age do not eat this stuff."

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I knew I had to get my hands on this culinary curiosity and try it for myself. And while I was at it, I wanted to get the expert opinion of someone who's been cooking and eating Mexican food her whole life: My mom.

Pablo Valdivia

She's from Aljojuca, Puebla, Mexico so she knows what's up. "I've never had a Whopper so I don't care for the Whopper part of it," she tells me in Spanish. "But the burrito part interests me."

We got ourselves two Whopperritos from the local Burger King for $2.99 and we — correction, I — couldn't WAIT to bite into this beautiful monstrosity.

So, I tried the Whopperrito first and it was WAY better than I ever expected. That doesn't mean I liked it, but it solidly landed at a mediocre “Maybe When I’m High AF.”

I'm not mad at this. As someone who has many a time wandered drunkenly into Burger King at 3 a.m., I can understand the desire of wanting to eat a burrito that tastes like a Whopper...maybe.


My mom, on the other hand, has never done that (to my knowledge at least). So, when I asked for her expert opinion as a Mexican food connoisseur, she didn't say anything. Instead, she made what can only be described as a disapproving grunt.

"Mmmmmm...rrrrrr." — My mom.

"Where are the beans? Where's the rice? Where's the pico de gallo? Where's the avocado? Where's the cilantro? Where are the onions? Where's the chile serrano? I DON'T SEE ANY OF THAT," she told me as if I had anything to do with this concoction.

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