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    21 Photos That Are Way Too Real For Boricuas

    Pernil...Pernil everywhere.

    1. When you have to deal with this mystery:

    2. When you're lured by the power of Goya:

    3. When somebody refers to you as Mexican:


    5. Seriously, though. Pernil season is a thing:

    6. When you come across the greatest beverage in the Caribbean:

    7. But it's always a damn shame to see it go:

    TriStar Pictures / Via Twitter: @RamonJovan

    8. When you have to deal with this question:

    Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @KayyCebii

    9. When you brace yourself for the greatest parade on earth:

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @_RavenF

    10. When somebody pisses you off and there are no words in the English language that express how you feel:

    11. When you break your leg:

    12. When you're just talking on the subway but everybody keeps looking at you:

    13. When you don't have the time and money to buy two types of bread:

    14. When you eat cereal in the morning:

    15. When you absolutely, positively can't say "no" to bland food:

    16. When these wafers will take you back to your childhood:

    17. When you're driving with your dad but he's being super stubborn:

    18. When your mom needed to put you in check:

    19. When your mom did this magic trick:

    Via Twitter: @LowKeySikee

    The real magic was in that delicious rice.

    20. And you'd have leftovers for days:

    21. But no matter what, at the end of the day, you're PROUD to be Boricua and you wouldn't have it any other way.


    Pa que tu lo sepas.

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